What does "cute" mean

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  1. I have a friend and this girl keeps calling him cute, but he has no idea wat it means or what to think of it.
  2. She likes him.
  3. I call my boyfriend cute. She likes him.
  4. He is u, and she wants ur d
  5. I have this friend who has this weird rash, and it burns when they pee, they have no idea what it means
  6. It means she likes you.
  7. When a girl says you're cute, that means she thinks you are relatively good looking and or attractive and is interested in you. When a girl calls you handsome or eye-candy, then she wants the dick.

    Girls tell me cute all the time; I think it's step down from being handsome (a.k.a. magic mike status) but I'm not complaining. I'll take what I can get and you- or "your friend" should too.
  8. I call my bf cute. So.. she probably likes him.
  9. it means you're not hot but you're still attractive
  10. My gf calls me handsome, not cute.
  11. I made this post for my friend. Nobody would think I am cute /foreveralone
  12. Well, this can actually mean two things. One, it can mean she likes him. The other scenario might mean she sees him as a "nice guy" and is not sexually interested. If she's saying "aw, you're so cute," it could be a bad thing. Cute could translate as nice which translates as friend. You see, cute can be a patronizing term when used by girls. When you're flirting with a girl, you don't necessarily want her to compliment you in this way. And if she was complimenting in a "I want the D" kind of way, I think your friend would be well aware. Let's hope it's not the latter, but if your friend is perplexed, I'm pretty sure it is.
  13. She's shy, but the wants the D.
  14. it can mean a lot of things.

    im not elaborating
  15. It means 'Kill Yourselves' lmao. How wouldn't your friend know what it means \'o'/
  16. it means you are about to eat chocolate pudding out of a strippers ass
  17. Cute makes you giggle.
  18. It means she is keen to get chocolate pudding eaten out of her ass
  19. That sounds delicious.
  20. this. Every time I call someone cute I'm referring to this :p

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