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What does 'curing' cannabis plant mean ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by burped, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Does that mean the part of harvest where you dry the plant and put it up side down in a dark room ?
  2. no the curing is when you have it in glass jars an you open it every now and then to let it get some air. It helps with how it smokes and how strong its gonna smell
  3. Curing is the slow process that takes place after the intial dry. There's different methods of curing but the idea is the same. Most commonly you hear of people placing bud into mason jars and burping out the air for a few minutes each day.

    It's to remove, over time, the remaining moisture in the buds, it takes time to get it all, most of what is left will be evenly distributed among the bud. Other chemical breakdowns and processes also occur during the cure, all this leads to a better high, a better taste, and a smoother smoke.
  4. The way I cure is put my buds in those majon jars. Just let them sit and open the jar a couple times a day so the moisture will go to the outside. You can also use the hanging method, oven method, microwave etc.

    It's pretty much getting all of the leftover moisture depending how you dry it.
  5. Well you see, when cannabis plants are flowering the entire time they have a "cold" so to speak. So you need to give them lots of medicine to "cure" them before you ahrvest.

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