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What does being high feel like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CoreyR, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Because I have smoked about 6 times and the last time was the first time i really think i got high and it was odd... I don't think it was right..

    All of a suden before I felt anything else, when i was smoking my blunt...I got mega dizzy and felt like i was going to pass out. I did it while my mom went to the store so being in that state it was super hard to clean up and when i did i collapsed on my bed...
    It felt like i got slipped something in a drink or something liek that i dont know it was odd..

    Is this how it always feels?

    Help the noobie!
  2. Thats pretty much being high mate. With intense cravings and drymouth.
  3. i dont think anybody can really explain what high feels like except saying it makes you high
  4. i felt like that when i smoked two blunts of some dro type stuff, i didnt ahve blunts in a while and i think it was that, try smoking a bong or bowl and see if you get dissy or some other sort of feeling, a euphoric feeling if thats how you spell it
  5. I didnt have either of those tho...

    I honestly thought getting high would be more...funny

    Maybe i jsut didnt smoke enough...i smoked about .7g...

    I always hear stories about people laughing real hard at nothing or how it makes shit funnier or idk...i just felt like i was going to pass out.

    I'll have to smoke out of my new bong on the weekend again once i get mroe weed...
  6. pack a gram in the bong to yourself, that should get you high, what kind of bud is it?
  7. Sounds like to me u just choked on the smoke, u might not be inhaling right or something
  8. the first time i ever smoked a blunt i felt like this, thats the only time i can remember being that fucked up
    also i had only smoked for about a month before that and only out of bowls, then i smoked the blunt to my face
  9. I get really focused when I'm high. Everything seems more important and unique and amazing. Especially when listening to music, walking down the street listening to some old Modest Mouse, stepping to the beat and looking at nature blows my mind. How everything is so uniform. Everything has a purpose. everything has a meaning.

    Then I smoke another bluntette to my face and realize I've been walking in circles for more then an hour. :D

    I guess my point is; Try different things while you're high, especially when you first start off. :smoke:
  10. for me pot makes good scenery even more amazing, when im baked i can sit for what feels like hours (turns out to only be 1/2 hour) and take in the scenery not saying a word. I only start laughing if i am doing it with a group of friends. Also when baked i like to tell a story usually while holding the bong before smoking my bowl this sometimes gets to my mates...
  11. well. your smoking too much. the first real blunt i smoked i got the mad spins. thats where the entire room looks like its moving or something and your head feels soo heavy and shits weird like that. now i can smoke blunts like nothing. if i were you smoke joints and bong tokes and rips out of bowls. then you can work your way up to the blunt. you wont get as high and you wont practicly die. plus something that i feel is flavord blunts make me feel like ass. idk. just nasty flavors. my favorite blunt rap is Kush. its in a green wrapper. looks real sick. but yeah. try starting from the bottom and work up. lol. you started from the top lol of smoking papers.
  12. I ussually feel light and tingly. I also think alot. If you are getting sick, u probley smoking too much at once.
  13. take it from a high guy, my brain feels like its moving and i just ate 2 whole packs of chips a hoy
  14. lol. fucking right man. keep on tokin. and yeah you eat sooo damn much when your blazedddd
  15. :hippie: <----- this guy knows what up.
  16. when i first got high i felt like i was sleeping and my real waking life was a long dream. i was in a dream like state but still coherent enuff to know that i coulnd't fly and shit lol:smoking:
  17. [quote name='CoreyR']....

    Maybe i jsut didnt smoke enough...i smoked about .7g...


    .7g should get you WAY high for a beginner...sure it was weed?
  18. LOL sounds about right! The more you smoke the more you will get used to the initial weirdness, youll eventually love it. But just enjoy it and clean up after you arent quite so stoned. Oh - and eat BEFORE you smoke, so you dont get munchies --- Eating alot will make your high go away quicker.
  19. Yea but I felt nothing at all until that wierdness hit me...if i didnt smoke as much and just waited would the high have hit me liek 5 minutes later?

    I just kept smoking till i felt something... and it felt wierd hahaha
  20. i feel like im in a dream and every moment just feels unique and strange and funny.
    anyone else feel like this. i never get dizzy or lose my balance maybe lazy tho

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