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What Does A Vaporizer Feel Like?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jamesbond007, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. I'm talking to the lungs and the high. Is it possible to cough with a vaporizer? Or is it just like inhaling air? And also what is the high like? The same as smoking? Is there any lung damage possible with a vaporizer? Lastly what is your recommended vaporizer?
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    Yes, take in too much vapor and you will cough just like taking a major bong rip. Difference is, is that the cough won't hurt like it does with smoke.

    The high is different. More of an energetic head high than a couch-lock coma high.

    Anytime you put anything in your lungs other than pure air, there is the possibility of doing "some" damage but with that being said, vapor is a WHOLE BUNCH healthier than smoke.

    My personal recommendation for vaporizers:

    Portable: VaporGenie
    Personal Vape: Purple Days
    Party Whip Vape: Silver Surfer or Da Buddah
    Party Bag Vape: Volcano or Extreme

    The Purple Days is the MOST efficient vape on the planet. If conserving your herb is important to you, this is the vape to get.............but......if you want the major hits like you can get from a bong and conserving weed is not that important to you, than the Silver Surfer (one of the highest vape to air ratio's on the planet) is the one to get.

    Again, just my personal opinion, as I have no doubt that others will come in with their opinions as well.
  3. well said.

  4. i have one of those 2 whip vapes that comes from china and its excellent. it probably not even that great of a vape but it works wonders. conserves bud, "rolls" forever (one night we hit a bowl for 40 min and it was bearly brown by the time we were done), almost no smell(so you can smoke them in your dorm or at your parents house etc), and its night and day in terms of harshness on your lungs vs. a bowl

    my 2 cents

    they can be kinda pricey though. paid 120 for mine.
  5. It is possible to cough with a vape. Since the vapor is so smooth, I find myself taking bigger hits than I could off a pipe, or even bong, and that makes me cough sometimes. But like lwein said, the cough is much more mild than with smoking.

    I also recommend the Da Buddha. Granted its only the second vaporizer I've ever used, but I couldn't be happier with it.
  6. i love my extreme vaporizer it does bags and whip
  7. I tried a volcanic vaporizer once at my girlfriend sisters house. Pretty good and its a much healthier way to smoke the coughing isnt like how you would cough after hitting a blunt or bong its a light harmless cough, if you even cough at all the vape isnt THAT serious gave me a pretty good high tho, not better then my bong or bubbler tho lol

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