What does a little bit of purple stem mean?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PuffDaddy420, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Just wondering because I have three right now. And the best one has a little purple on the stem. Only 21 days old. The best one just produced its full 5 blade fan leaf , small but it's still something. Lol and they smell a little skunky and just straight kinda buddy type smell. Idk that just smell of pot. They are bagseed.
    Can't post pics because they are in nighttime right now and my iPhone wont let me post pics because they are in my other thread. Thanks for taking the time for this lol read.
    Stoned rants lol
  2. Im not sure what it means but all my plants have em, nothing bad thats forsure
  3. Also to add in, the type of miricle grow I have has time releasing nutes in it already.
    it's a soil aerogarden grow.
    Only few will find the humor lol
  4. It is most likely a genetic trait of the strain you are growing as long as your plants look healthy its nothing to worry about.
  5. I read, a purple stem just means its in a colder enviroment. The twins im growing right now both have pruple stems, i got a nice rotator fan on em to stiffin the stems, but it feels cold enough to wear a long sleeve. Thats where blueberry, black kush etc come in. Ive read in reviews to get the best colour from them is to do so in a colder enviroment
  6. but nothing to worry about indeed, I my self prefeer to see that. But to deending on the strain
  7. Not always bro. Purple stems could be deficiency and forcing a plant to turn purple Isn't necessarily a good thing. If it is a purple strain the stems shouldnt be affected too much it should be the flowers and the leaves that purp out later in flower. Try keeping your temps around 75, if its a purple strain it will do it through genetics not temp. And if u don't force the purple t will prolly be more potent in the end

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