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what does a gravity bong do?!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankbudsmoka, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. im curious as to what the point is.i know it forces it into your lungs but whats the point?heres a better question whats the difference between a regular bong and a gravity bong iv only ever used a regular bong
  2. The smoke in a gravity bong is a hell of a lot thicker. For example, you might need two good bowls in a regular bong to get you high, but a gravity bong will get you high with barely a bowl.
  3. It's basically a very very powerful hit that will make you as high as if you were to smoke your lungs out of a bong. 2 hits out of a gravity bong and you are seriously GONE. It's like a SUPER-MEGA hit.
  4. will it higher my tolerance alot? mine is pretty low at the moment
  5. It depends on the size of the container you use. If the smoke is filling up a gallon sized bottle, then you're basically getting a bunch of air that forces the smoke deeper in your lungs. Also they can give you a pretty good sized hit. I honestly don't even question that shit man I just get hella high off it.:hello:
  6. Not all gravity bong force the hit into your lungs.

    You can just pull the bucket out of the water after it has been filled with smoke, and puff away on that hughe bottle full of smoke. No need to force the whole thing into your lungs.
  7. It fucks you up son! It also stretches out small amounts of bud:hello:

  8. this man. all i can say is you will be ripped. especially if its some dankie dank and not some snicklefritz or some shit like that

  9. Also, it depends on how much you use it. Size of it matters too as the other person said.

  10. Haha snicklefritz:hello:
  11. it gets you high *****!!

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