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what does a dub($20 worth of weed) look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Hydro201, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. i dont smoke often so i have a low amount of connections to get weed. this kid says he can hook me up with some but i cant trust him and i have a feeling that he would take some out of the bag without me knowing and he knows that i most likely wont be able to tell the difference. Does anyone have a way on how to tell if im getting ripped off or not without a scale? upload a picture of a nickle, dime, or dub please? also a picture with the angle showing the fatness of it would help.
  2. A dub should probably be around 1 gram of weed.

    Truthfully, theres no way to see a picture of one persons "dub" because all weed varies in density.

    If the guy doesnt have a scale, your better off not buying from him. If he really sells weed and doesn't just rip kids off with nickle bags then he should have a scale.

    Maybe that will help

    Spend that 20 dollars on a scale and you will be happy for the rest of your toking career.
  3. im sorry but why dont you people get it? OBVIOUSLY you have been on the forums since sept 2009. They will look different, bud can be very dense, or it be poofyish. You need to invest in a damn scale. thats the only way you will be able to find out what a dub looks like.
  4. depends on how the weed is. Some is fluffier and some is denser. But you can usually go by the rule that if its fills the bottom of a sandwhich baggie from left to right its about a dub

    and I am talking about mid grade weed
  5. A "dub" is $20 worth of Marijuana. The amount is completely up to the dealer. My suggestion to you would be to buy actual weights of Marijuana. (1/8 of an ounce, 1/4 of an ounce, etc.) because you KNOW how much weight you are buying.
  6. a dub is a gram in most areas. Its usually like one nug and half a nug. or just one nug. a gram isnt a lot.
  7. depends on quality where i am from...if it is sorry weed...20 worth can be a half ounce...

    if it is very good, less htan a gram...so i heard...
  8. By me you can get 10$ a gram bud thats average, not many crystals, basically enough to get the job done, or you can get the "headies" for 20$ a gram, if you're afraid you're getting ripped off buy a scale from a corner store for 15$ and if you're getting shorted it'll pay off in the end...

  9. This is not true. Most people who deal small amounts of weed don't have one because it would be a waste of money. And unless your 14 he is not going to try to rip you on a dub seing how that is borderline impossible. A dub is 20 d0llars worth of weed. Around 1.7 grams. They usually come in dub sacks which is little baggy packed with weed. Now if he tries to sell you shake or he tries to sell you a bag half packed because the bud is so dense walk away. But pretty much anything else is probably worth it.
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    A dub isn't a unit of weight. It's simply a slang for $20 worth of weed. The price of weed varies greatly by region, so no one here can give you a straight answer. Ask some of your stoner friends the going rates and what not. You're going to get a better answer from one of them rather than one of us who have no idea where you even live.

    I can get 3.5g for $20 here(that's the going rate all around here).
  11. dude in my area you can get a full ounce of sorry weed for $30 lol but only little kids ever buy it lol dumb idiots
  12. A dub here goes about 1 g but people normally do half sacks and singles so theres no real argument about weight 25 for 1.75 and 50 for 3.5 if you think yo;ur gettin ripped say you wanna see the weight before you buy
  13. Around here a dub of reggie is 3.5g's for 20$, a lot of people gauge it with their index finger. If the bud fills up the bottom of a regular sandwich baggie about the width of your index finger its probably straight. A dub of dank is totally different though, whereas with reg the "dub" means price, around here a dub of dank means 2g's and will usually run you 15 a gram or more. In my opinion dank is harder to estimate unless you've been smoking it for quite a while, because its usually fluffier or much more dense than reg all depending on the strain and growers methods.
  14. It depends on where you live, the quality, and who you buy from. If you buy from a friend in a place where availability is decent, 1-2 grams. A friend of a friend of mine was a dealer and he gave me 1.4 grams a dub. Unless they weigh it out in front of you, you could get ripped off, so again find someone you trust. And don't buy brown shit

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