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what does a dime of kush look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by sunshine1, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. i think i just got ripped off, like really badly. and how can i tell if its even kush? first off, the guy tried to give me the dime for 15$. thats a bad enough sign. i always get mid so i know nothing about kush. okay, if i was to compare it to say a marble. how many marbles would it be? pictures would be nice
  2. I use to have a connect who only had mids and then I moved and started buying dank I always felt like I was getting ripped off because of how much less I was getting. Cant really tell you how it should look like
  3. You won't know if its kush but if its not bricked, its light greenish (not brown) and obviously has some trichome coverage then you'll at least know its pretty good.

    You need a scale to know for sure but if its a 10 dollars worth you probly got about a half a gram, 3 or 4 marbles? lol
  4. 1 gram - 10 bucks. But I guess for Kush you would get less :p.

    How to tell if its Kush (Or at least good)

    - Light Green Color
    - Trichomes (the little white sparkley things)
    - Strong Smell.
  5. show us some pics of what u got
  6. There is no set weight for a dime bag but the price is never more than $10, furthermore you cannot judge weight by looking at a picture.

    Kush is a subset of Indica strains that originate from the Hindu Kush mountain range Hindu Kush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia , they tend to be short and squat plants with fat dark green leaves and small but tight nugs. Smells and flavors can range anywhere from pine to hash, to fruit, to chocolate, nuts, and spice. The word "Kush" is thrown around very loosely, often being used to describe hybrid varieties that simply display tight nugs or dark foliage (as is the case with varieties like OG Kush and Platinum Kush).
  7. but we can get an idea because we cant literally weigh it for him
  8. i bet he sold you good mids or headies and claimed it was kush. I've seen people try that too many times to count.

  9. Yes, pictures would be very nice if you want us to tell you if you got ripped off.

  10. took a while but i found me
  11. If you ever ask anyone for a dime of kush.....be prepared to get ripped off.

  12. that describes a TON of strains not just kush man....... the golden goody and headband i have here fall under those characteristics, although headband is a kushy breed...... but still hehe :smoking:
  13. Its impossible to describe any strain of weed. He was just describing what most high grade reefer looks and smells like.
  14. lol then he shoulda said this describes the good shit, not this describes kush AND the good shit..... Otherwise it still doesnt describe all good weed man, ive gotten super heady darker green weeds, even almost blue weeds! Color isnt really a sign unless its brown...then its just no good!!!! no good at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smoking:
  15. haha yaa true but anyone whos been smoking should know the difference between high grade weed and mids. Its like the difference between light and day.
  16. That is a true fucking story man, i hate when these little punks are all OH i got some super dank and its most certainly NOT any thing dank...ugh
  17. [​IMG]
    Trichomes can be clear, milky, or amber depending on when the plant was harvested.
    But check closely, in great numbers amber trichomes can give buds a brownish appearance.:bongin:

  18. haha you win that battle, however im talkin weed that wouldnt even have visible trichs man.... that kinda brown weed it makes me wish i could looks as sad as this :(
  19. Sometimes theres dank brown weed. I got this shit called pot of gold and it was dank as hell.

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