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What does a 20 sack look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by northernfrights, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Well tomorrow im buying two 20 sacks of northern lights (my favorite) :bongin:and i don't know what a 20 sack looks like because me and my friends usually buy together and get an 8th and i just don't wanna get ripped off. so please help me.
  2. lol y do people ask these have it weighed out or if its just nugs and theres not much shake just try to eye it out itll look like 2 dime bags in 1 bag
  3. A 20 sack is usually a little less than an 1/8th. Usually 2 grams, more or less depending on the quality. You can't really say what a 20 sack would look like b/c there is no exact weight. It can be anywhere from 1.2 grams - 3 grams.
  4. thats only gonna be a gram unless he charges 15 a gram and is giving u extra..but a 20 sack of regs/zona here is like a 3.5..but dank is 20 a gram
  5. damn 20 for a 8th of regs thats pretty good lol
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    I'd say that depends on where you're located. A 20 sack can be anywhere from a quarter ounce, to only 1 gram. In most of california, assuming you're going through someone who doesn't sell jank ass weed, 20 dollars will buy you a gram of upper mids, to real good shit, or a quarter ounce of shwag.

    If you gave more information about pricing we'd be able to help a bit more, northernfrights. How much is an 1/8th of good shit where you live? Assuming you're getting real northern lights that was grown well though, my guess is you'll get 2 grams for 40 bucks, which is why I would advise just buying an 1/8th of it for (I would assume) 10 dollars more, and you'll get 3.5 grams instead of 2.
  7. 20$ here in tn

    7.0g regs
    3.5g mids
    2.0-2.5 dro
    1.0-1.5 dank

  8. Lol another problem why its so hard to tell, every place has its own lingo. A friend and I came up with an awesome weed scale, which has 3 main categories (shit, good and great...keep in mind any synonym can be used in place of these words) with 3 sub categories in each, for a total weed scale of 9. haha. Anyways, Sensi's scale there I think is pretty dead on for most places.
  9. a gram if not a little moree, probably not less unless its legit
  10. haha dont call it a 20 sack dude you should always know the weight you want before you know the price ur gonna pay. It all depends on how much the dudes chargin you. He could sell a gram for $20, or he could sell two grams for $20. You never know. For northern lights, you should get around 2-2.5 grams for $40
  11. Listen her friend , i don't want you getting ripped off either , so here's what you do .

    what till the dealer gives you this "20 sack" and to ensure you are not being ripped off , pull out a gun , and demand twice the amount you see before you .

    that should at least get you a 35 sack 40 if your spot on

    then pull a will ferrel and tell him if he ever talks about it you'll fucking kill him
  12. I agree with this post 100%
    Be sure you use an intimidating gun.
  13. 1.2 or 1.1...scale it out son.
  14. Just buy an eighth for yourself and store it.

    You get a better deal
    You get more weed
    You get high
    You get the picture.
  15. 20 sack 20$$ worth.1 gram-2 grams depend on dealer prices
  16. ouch dude that looks like a dime you'd get here in boston. where you from?
  17. Atleast one gram of dank for $20, depending on the dealer and location you could get up to 1.5-2. But as long as your scale reads 1.0 you didn't get ripped.
  18. yea dude.. Those little zip-locs.. I use them all the time, if you squeeze it to the brim.. its 1G, anything lower.. it aint a G
  19. jersey but i must say it was some great bud

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