What does 5 grams of fungus feel like

Discussion in 'General' started by Codone, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Yo ive eaten shrooms multiple times at 2 grams and twice at 3 grams. Its been a little longer than a month since ive tripped. I have a half ounce and im eating 5 gs any time now.

    What the fuck is going to happen?

    Am i still going to be coherent or am i going to turn into a vegetable? Haha...

  2. you will be a vegtable haha enjoy!
  3. You will be a slightly coherent, vegetable.
  4. I would just expect to trip balls. You'll most likely be incoherent and laughing hysterically. You'll have a great time if you are in a good mindset. I just ate an 1/8 on Saturday. I had a great time, but I was out of my gord.
  5. I'm pretty sure Spaz has done a 1/4 before (7 grams), he might be one to ask.
  6. Yeah, ive never reached the stage of being straight up mind blown so im curious.

    Think 5 grams is a little excessive for my purpose?
  7. No way go for it

  8. Haha yeh. Here's what happened on 5 hits of acid, and 7 grams of shrooms:

    Cave men were being eaten by the trees who turned to dinosaurs. And I laughed my ass off at them, haha. But without it, It was like a hit or two of acid. Crazy color swirls, Multi colored squirrels, and the ocean was talking to me.
  9. I ate 8 grams, the worst experience ive ever had. Some serious shit went down. i woke up in my back yard stark naked coverd in, what seemed to be drool. luckly my neibors are old or douches. only god knows what I was doing, i could have been yaking liek a lunitic about fucking ninja's.
  10. I feel like i can handle a high amount of shrooms. I had some of the best sex ive ever had on 3 grams of shroomies.
  11. if i could do it again i would, any day. :D
  12. I never understand how people can't handle drugs, unless they physically vegetate them.
    Control your trip!
  13. from a lot of the stories ive heard, if you exceed an eight, you wake up somewhere naked, but ive downed 6 grams, woke up with some vomit on me, wasnt the funnest, and was expensive.
  14. Clothes seem so unnatural, like there concealing the universe.
  15. i ate a quarter once...seemed like a really good idea...only slightly was...cause i forgot people called my house often due to my moms line of work (she often had to be called by coworkers until 10pm...and people called the house even when she was at work)...

    i ended up nearly getting some chicks phone number...im not sure how, but i think she found me funny}

    i watched my cat clean its self...and i followed it around for about 2 hours <---highly recommended...cats are the shit on shrooms

    5 grams sounds good to me...just take it slow

    what i did was i ate the full 8th, wait 30 minutes, eat a gram, wait 30 minutes, eat a gram...etc till the bag was done...i recommend doing this method, wearing loose comfortable clothes, and finding a cat...have a good trip man
  16. Never heard of trippin with cats before but I'll remember to try it when I get the chance.:hello:
  17. Cats definitly sound cool. Especially since I have 3 siamese cats .

    I'd try 5 grams probably, I've tripped 7 or 8 times so I can handle it I bet.
  18. Yeah im tripping in my friends cabin in the middle of full blown nature.

    Im going to experience god :smoking:
  19. Sound slike some awesome shit, find like a cougar.

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