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what does 5-10 bucks worth of baged weed look like

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by thermin67, May 23, 2009.

  1. what does 5-10 bucks worth of baged weed look like
  2. Depends on where u live
  3. 1/3 or gram or ounce send some pics if posible
  4. what? 1/3 or gram or ounce? lol wtf
  5. 0.8g-2g is what I could get with $5-$10. It all really depends on where you live, your dealer, what kind of bud it is, etc. $5 is normally a nick, which is 0.8g-1g and $10 is a dime which is 1g-2g.
  6. im a noob any kind like pics of wat you got
  7. put ur index finger n ur middle finger up dats dime which is 10 bucks 1 finger is a nick or 5bucks in a 6x6inch sandwich bag
  8. 5 bucks worth of weed is about 2.5 grams. 10 bucks will get you 5 grams. I can get 5 grams of mids for 10 bucks. Visually, the size of a dimebag would be a little bit smaller than connecting the end of your thumb to the end of your index finger in a circular position, a.k.a. the "ok" hand signal, would be about the size of 10 bucks worth of weed. These are prices down here though so I'm not sure if they're the same in other parts of the U.S./other countries.
  9. Holy shit 5 grams of mids for $10?%?!% Your POSITIVE your dealer isn't giving you laced mexican schwag?
  10. Depends what you want man. Good stuff around here gets pawned off at $10 for .5 grams, but I can't remember the last time I saw someone buy a dime.
  11. Are you retrded, those prices would e like BELOW schwag. 5 bucks for 2.5 grams??

    .5 is a half a gram which is 5 bucks
    1 gram is 10 bucks
  12. No, he's not retarded. I get the exact same thing.
    your dealer just doesn't hook you up ;)
  13. Depends what kind of nugs you have. If you have some chronic it'd be .25-.5 if it's regs you prolly have closer a 1-1.5g
  14. yeah for 5 i get 1.5 of reg, and for 10 i get 3.5 i think that's pretty standard. and a dime is a bout the height of a finger of nuggs and across the bottom of bag usualy. and then a nick id say is about half.
  15. No, prices are different here then in your area.. or you're not getting a good hook-up. =)
  16. He's not retarded.. i get 6 grams for 10 bucks, mids
  17. I know a guy who sells 5 grams of mid to fuckers all day long for 10 dollars and its good bud
  18. Damn I wish I got those Texas prices
  19. eh...shit man idk...that means you can get stuff for $2 a g? But if thats true. my ats off to you.

  20. theres no such thing as laced. Dont be dumb. Why would anyone spray MORE valuable drugs onto weed then not tell thier buyers that its laced so they can make more. Its fucking stupid shit probably started by the goverment as propaganda.


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