what does 400W HPS light do to elec. bill?

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  1. what kind of impact does a 400W HPS light make on an electricity bill...does it even do that much? anyone know?
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  3. averages at 15$ per month at 12 hours
  4. does it make a spike in your electric bill when its on for 12 then its shuts off for the other 12? or is it not like that and im just being paranoid, cause i wanna use a 250hps or maybe even less just cause i don't want to make it look out of the norm.
  5. no, the power company doesn't care as long as you pay your bill on time. 400w is not alot. most desktop computers setups take more than that.
  6. for me about 17$ a month on 12/12
  7. so running 3 will have no problems or be noticable?
  8. The power supply inside of my computer tower is 400 Watts. Power company hasn't sent the police bustin' down the door yet. Also, my home theater surround is 300 Watts, and the fridge and stove are much higher than that!

    As one shop owner explained to me once "It's like cooking an extra meal a day". That's all.
  9. IMO its even more then that.

    You could be buying another big AC for your house, those can spike your elec bill far more then a poor 1 400W HPS.

    No one will be looking after a guy who is growing with only 1 400W HPS. I think your entire grow room has to take over 1000W for anyone to notice. I'd be more worried about someone snitching. Personally I can't hold it but tell my stoner friends I am growing a few plants :)

    But then you also have thermal imaging. Also, having a high elec bill wont alert anyone by its own. But if this data is crossed with a police record relating to drug use + thermal imaging, only a couple of those together can lead to a visit by the cops.
  10. who without a warrant, you can tell to kiss your tax-paying ass and be on their day off your property.

  11. Determine your cost per kilowatt hour, and use my easy electricity cost calculator

    For example: at 11 cents (.11 on the calculator) at 400watts turned on 12 hours per day you'd be looking at approximatly $16.08 per month.

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