what does 1/2 ounce...

Discussion in 'General' started by why_not11, May 18, 2003.

  1. ummmm, ok what does half an ounce look like?, ive only ever bought a couple grams, and i dont wanna get screwed.
  2. ummm... 1 gram x 14 = 1/2 lol
  3. jus make sure ya dealas got digital scales on him/her
  4. Depends on how dense it is, but a half ounce usually takes
    up about a third of the baggie for me.
  5. blix... that sounds silly to me...

    wouldn't it also depend on the size of the bag?
  6. Just weigh it or have them weigh it. But about a 1/3 of a sandwich baggie is about right and will vary with density as pointed out by Blix.

  7. i think he's referring to your standard sized sandwhich bag..but then we come to the next question..what size sandwhich are we referring to?...well most likely this sandwhich will consist of the standard sized slices of bread with whatever deliciouss fillings that lie between...
    "standard sized slices of bread?" you may be asking, well i just measured the size of a single slice of bread and my measurements come out to approximately 5 square inches...dammit i ate the bread..im sorry
  8. ...dammit i ate the bread..im sorry

    YOOU ATE THE BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. mmmmmm bread. I think I'm gonna go get me a couple pieces of that stuff and make a sandwhich.
  10. whats ur favorite type of bread??
  11. whole wheat! whole wheat! WHOLE WHEAT!!! ::drools::
  12. The best bread is cleary a sourdough kaiser with heaps of hot juicy corned beef...... what would the world be without deli?
  13. either whole wehat, or potato bread
  14. Bread?!?

    Pumpernickel baby.
  15. potato bread... HELLYEAH!

  16. gag me blix..gag me with a fuckin spoon....pumperniickle...phsss

  18. lmao.

    i havnt seen this thread since my last post...

    who could have guessed it would take a spin towards a chorus of bread supporters!
  19. homemade toasted garlic and cheese bread.

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