What documentaries can I show people ro convince them weed is good?

Discussion in 'Stoner Movies & Documentaries' started by Benblazes182, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. If I come out to my parents about being a stoner (I smoke because of my depression) then I would like to be able to tell them why it is a positive thing and why it's not so bad/as bad as they think. What are some good documentaries/movies/studies I can show them to convince them weed is helping and isn't so bad after all???

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  2. wouldn't it make more sense to explain your own personal benefits from using cannabis rather than make someone sit down and watch a hour and a half documentary (which are always biased and one sided)????

    how old are you?
  3. To be honest, the information is out there for anyone that cares to understand. Going through the same thing with my wife. She had nothing to say over the last three years when docs have me on opioids, but the minute I say “I had enough of that shit” and started smoking, she went nuts. I did all of the presenting of information and facts, but the “fact” is, some people will as ways stigmatize smoking because of our government’s lies about Jane so they can criminalize people and profit off of pain with big pharma. I say fuck it. I’d your quality of life improves, fuck it! After I found out my wife is very closed minded, I shut the entire conversation down in my house because it’s pointless........I smoke weed now! That’s it. Lol good luck!
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  4. It's best to quote scientific research and show them these articles about how Cannabis helps people with cancer, MS, Tourettes and chronic pain.

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