What do your parents think about legalization?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by greenbliss, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hey I was just wondering what everyone's parents thought about legalization. My dad mentioned he was for it when we were discussing the state budget, saying that it would save money, but too many people want to keep their jobs (though Im still too afraid to tell him I do it). So Im just curious if anyone else knows how their parents feel about legalizing.
  2. My parents are the closed minded people who think weed is a hard core drug and that its extremely dangerous.
  3. My mom's a nurse who believes that cannabis causes people to become schizophrenic. I've tried many times to prove that this is not true but she will never change her mind.
  4. my dad is definitely pro-weed and my mom knows weed should be legal but she would never admit it
  5. My mother doesn't like me doing it but I blaze with my dad every chance I get. :smoking:
  6. neither one of them smokes it or likes me to smoke (they know i do) but they both voted for decrim (in mass) last fall so...
  7. my mom thought decriminalization was stupid.. i can only imagine what she thinks about legalization
  8. I know my mom is for legalization. We talked about it after I mentioned obama's online town hall. She said that she believes that alcohol is alot worse. My dad though, I don't really know what he thinks about it. He's probably against it.
  9. My dad is actually very conservative but feels is it a conversative belief that we shouldn't waste tax dollars on enforcing marijuana prohibition.
  10. I feel you man, my parents are exactly the same.

    My dad is like, "Why are they so concerned about money, marijuana is still a drug."

    It was so hard for me not to say anything. Thinking back on it i should have said something, but I don't want him to know i smoke :smoking:

  11. Just because you feel that way doesn't mean you smoke. My dad doesnt smoke.
  12. My parents are both in favor. My mom knows I smoke she doesn't love it but it's not a problem. I've tried to explain that I don't smoke just because I like to get high it also helps with pain and depression.

    My dad knows I have but I haven't told him about my regular use but I've talked in detail with him on the legalization subject. He hasn't told me but my mom told me he used to be a big pothead.
  13. the other day my dad talked to me and started a conversation FOR legalization... lol hes the conservative one... i showed my mom some facts and she is in favor as well...now only if more parents could be convinced....
  14. Both my parents agree with legalization.
  15. Idk about my mom, but my dad is for legalization.
  16. my dad is such a dick about it and he never admits to anything that he is wrong, so theres no hope in him. But my mom thinks it wouldnt be that bad if it was legalized and she doesnt want me smoking, but she has gotten alot less ignorant about it and actully talks positive about it becuase my grandfather has cancer and need medical marijuana very badly, but we live in Texas and can't get it :(
  17. My parents always say "They've been talking about that since I was young." My parents are in their 50s. In their mind its just the same cycle, there will be talk and attempts to legalize it but it will never happen.

    I disagree with them obviously.
  18. My parents have never smoked, don't like it, and don't like that I smoke. But they are in favor of legalization because they know people are just going to do it anyway and it could help the economy out a little. They don't drink either but I think they don't care what other people do as long as it doesn't bother them.
  19. shit my parents smoke more then i do
  20. My dad used to be the Vice President of NORML at his college his senior year and my mom thinks that marijuana shouldn't be considered a drug.

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