What do your eyes not tell you?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Anti Illusion, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hello and salutations fellow stoners, Anti Illusion aka Smokin' Illusion is here! I just registered and have come to love these forums and read non-stop on a daily basis.

    Now a little bit about me, I am 20 years old from the Illadelph, also known as The city of Philadelphia, famous fo cheese steaks.

    I play guitar and like to bust out random ass shredding solos. I love music and am interested in becoming some sort of producer or recording engineer someday, hopefully have my own studio and rock out all day long.

    I only smoke weed and weed alone. I smoked opium a couple times, and took my fair share of shrooms, lsd, and salvia. But now I consider myself a seasoned toker and hope to meet fellow tokers who share the same views and interests.

    See ya on the forums!
  2. Welcome to the City! :wave:

    I've never had an official cheesesteak from philly, but i do love the cheesesteaks in general :D

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