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What do your call your marijuana?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DaWodin, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. I refer to mine as weed, smoke, bud, reefer....occasionaly others like bomb, chronic and endo...but not very often
  2. *shrug* when it's mine it's called out by strain.

    but in the generalized sense i tend to call it mary jane, bud, buddha, keif, green, leilani (ie heavenly flower), herb, dank, tweak, most of the time though marijuana (pronounced mary-ja-wana) or ganja.
  3. Me and my freinds seem to use most of the usual words: reefer, reef, buds, chronic, skunk, nugs, smoke, pot, weed, herb, dope, doobage, KB, primes, etc...
  4. everyone at my skool calls it smoke... i like buddy... people say im wierd......
  5. You guys pretty much covered all of em, But generally I call it Ganja. =)

  6. Me and my boys call it shmoke (yes I know there is an h in there pronounce it that way lol sounds like shhh-moke) taters (fat j's), weed, pot, herb, and anythin ("Hey dude you got anythin?" lol)

  7. 1) Weed
    2) Trees
    3) Pot
  8. herb and weed. But my friends and I say herbal remedy when we talk on the phone; Maybe we're just stupid, but shit its our medicine
  9. i call it bud, weed, marijuana, "got the greeeeeen?" hehe
    i like to say "i wanna smoke a jizzy" but i think it annoys my bf so i try to refrain, it just slips from my lips when i'm hella stoned.

    my friends and i used to call it "reading books" and "going to the library" when on a portable phone or in public...

    "hey, want to go to the library?"
    "hell yeah, i just got a couple new books."
    "oh yeah, what are they about?"
    "it's a really good book, #1 bestseller"
    "ehh, so far it's OK, not the best, but definitely readable"

  10. trees, herb, dank, bud, or weed
  11. oh ya forgot but we call good stuff chron chron (after chronic) and bad stuff bammer....

  13. Same here.
  14. fire...i always call mine fire
  15. Good herb: Flame, Killa, Fire, Yime, dank, icky, sticky, also combined IE The Icky Sticky

    not so good herb: Bammer (pronounced bamma), swag, twigs, grandma's shit

    General names:
    budda, herb, chronic, killa, flame, dank, swag, green, skrilla, ganja, bud, weed, Maryjane, pot, fly flower, dank, the crop, veggies

    reference to joints: spliff, jizoint, dubbie, hooter (for a fatty), paper pencil, stogie

    reference to blunts: Blizunt, Sweet (swisher sweet), Philly, Optimo, Presidental(ask for by this name from friends because it's my personal way of rolling the blunt. Has smoking hole the circumfrence of the blunt)
  16. What I call it: Bacon, Rootbeer, Cheeba, Da' Chronic, Trees, etc. etc.

    The list goes on..

    It all depends how much time we take to think of new names for it.

    The reasoning behind the bacon, and rootbeer names is due to me and some of my friends activities in the illegal street narcotics profession. We needed something new that wouldn't wouldn't be too obvious if someone was listening to our phone conversations. I don't know, too much paranoia, maybe?!?

    It's all in fun..
    One love - kn0d
  18. usually we say shit like "smoke a phat J", hit the flying J, weed, shit, green, bud, pot, smoke,
    we always say going for a walk from walking to the forest, from when we were in residence, and yeah i think thats about it.
  19. Me and My friends names

    Good shit: dOja,Fit,Fire,Dank and above all *Cronic*.. or call it by strain.

    Bad Shit.-Shwag,Ditch,Spice and above all *Turtle* (long story)

    in general: Weed, bud, pot, ganja

    ounce: ZONE..
    blunt: SHELL
    joint: JOINT- oooo creative on that one.


    pipes,bongs,steamrollers ext.: MAG LIGHT

    marijuana : Soup, (for the bowl,) Batteries (for mag light- hehe)
  20. for some serious goods * Fit* is my favorite

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