What do you wear (if anything) to bed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Oceanic, May 3, 2011.

  1. In winter I wear a t-shirt and some pj pants.

    In fall spring and summer I wear boxers only....

    Unless it's hot as fuck, then I sleep naked.
  2. i got to sleep with clothes on and wake up with nothing on...
  3. i used to sleep with only boxers.. but then i got a tattoo on my back and my parents didnt know.. so now im used to sleepin with t shirts and boxers and im loving it
  4. If im stoned then whatever i'm already wearing haha.
  5. shorts only
  6. T-shirt and shorts. Always! Sometimes I'll take my shorts off though; it gets uncomfortable wearing bottoms to bed sometimes!
  7. usually undies and a tank top
  8. Seven people wear PJs? Seven? Wtf is wrong with all of you!?
  9. I got techniques drippin out my buttcheeks
    Sleep on my stomach so I don't fuck up my sheets

  10. dawg. dont fkn hate. not that i was 1 of those 7

    but damn straight when its cold in the winter or im sick, ill rock pjs.
    ive rocked pdays all day playing video games,then to bed, then again the next day. WUT U WANT DuGGIE
    my current room and my last room in my old house get way to cold.

    lately though ive been enjoying sleeping with no underwear on. ive fallen inlove with it. the coldness on my glutes to legs and back ahhhhh.

    i have to make MULTIPLE washroom visit during the night and morning. ya definatly dont put on underwear before i go. LOL
    i live with multiple^ people!
    my brain has accustomed itself to, if its night time i freely stroll to the bathroom and if its day time i grab a shirt or towel and hold it down durr.

    ahhh sleepin nakey rules. though i like a nice thin/comfy t-shirt so my arms dont get cold:smoke:

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