What do you wear (if anything) to bed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Oceanic, May 3, 2011.

  1. What do you wear when it's time to retire after a long day?
  2. All about the boxers only :cool:
  3. I sleep fully clothed. I have a seperate wardrobe for sleeping. I like to look fresh in my dreams!
  4. Is that comfortable? I mean, I guess it must be for you obviously... lol but whenever I wear PJs back in the days or fully clothed I feel traped and feel like I can't move around and the pants will be all ridn up n shit.
  5. I always sleep naked. every time i sleep with boxers i wake up with them chocking my cock to death. Thats not cool man, Only i can choke my chicken!
  6. lol nah i was joking, i mean sometimes i'll wear basketball shorts and a t shirt so thats pretty much an outfit, but usually its just boxers and a t shirt or just boxers
  7. Boxers only.

    If it is really cold outside I might wear a t-shirt, too.
  8. Huge T-shirt! Best :)
  9. Either my Simpsons pajamas when it's cold, or bra/panties. I hate how pants and shirts get all wrapped up around me when I sleep.
  10. i fall asleep no matter what. although i prefer boxers only
  11. boxers and shrit, cause my futons got all kinds of crumbs and shit and it gets itchy
  12. Brush it out you pig! Lol JK
  13. Boxer, all day every day.. or night, I mean night :rolleyes:
  14. i do have a matching set of pjs, but i usually wear boxers or sleep pants with an old work promo shirt since i have a shit ton. might as well put them to good use!
  15. My penis only.
  16. I just wear some cofty pj pants, and a T shirt
  17. Naked, or 3quartre pants at friends houses no shirt though :D all about the respect!
  18. birthday suit:hello:
  19. where is the basketball shorts option?
  20. I usually wear one of my boyfriends shirts. They're so big its like a nighty for me :) lol

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