What do you watch online

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  1. I seem to get caught up in "people are awesome" vids on youtube

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  2. actually i watch alot of minecraft mainly the group mindcrack the games just so simple i can get lost in it for hours when im stoned
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  3. netflix or whatever is new on tv lol
  4. ccc420! lookem up on youtube
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  5. Music videos, wiz khalifas DayToday videos,pranks,smoking videos (The guy in the sky)

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    car videos for sure!
    A few other cannabis channels
    Prank videos
    Stcustoms shit

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  7. Workaholics, that is all

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  8. Netflix, Prison Break. (Old but never gets old) :)
  9. Naruto, movies just started watching Pablo Escobar master of evil or something like that...But it's really good only bad thing is that it's on Columbian.. :D
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  10. Usually get caught up watching battle commanders at the berrics
  11. Porn, lots of and lots of porn.

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  12. Right now?  Les Blues - Kevin and Yanni storyline.  A french drama series involving two cops in Paris.  
  13. Getting Doug With High.
    And fishing videos.
    Really anything interesting I can find
    on YouTube.

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