What do you want to know about cannabis in Canada?

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by canniebis, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. I'm interested to know what fellow Canadians and people interested in visiting Canada want to know about impending legal non-medical (aka recreational) cannabis?
  2. When is Canada actually planning to legalize marijuana? They said last year now it's apparently this year although some of it isn't looking promising.
  3. Wait.....

    There's weed in Canadia?????
  4. I've mostly been keeping up with Ontario because I live there. The federal legislation was introduced in April 2017. They were throwing July of this year around as the legalization timeline but from what I've read, nothing is set in stone. The Ontario government website says:

    "80 stores open by July 1, 2019, and 150 stores open by 2020"

    so it looks like people will still be waiting a while.

    Website where the quote was from: https://www.ontario.ca/page/cannabis-legalization
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  5. It passed 2nd reading back in march, the 5 committees studying it will be up for debate in early may & assuming there's no major contentions/rewrites it will go to vote on June 7th. So theoretically it could be as early as July when the bill is passed.

    Another issue may be how they handle it. They've stated they'll need 3 months after it's passed to get the stores up, stocked & running. They haven't been clear about how they plan to handle the transition.

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  6. On the news it said august 1st.

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  7. My landlord showed up with amendments to my lease saying that there could be no smoking or growing of marijuana on the property. This is so idiotic. You wouldn't see them get away with banning alcohol. All a law like this does is put people in danger. The new law won't allow smoking on most public properties so what...people are forced to drive somewhere to smoke (if they really don't want to violate their lease) and then possibly drive home after? IMO laws like this will only serve to put more people on the road who shouldn't be there.

    Also, if there are any Canadian landlords reading this: if the agreement specifically says "No smoking of marijuana" does that mean I could technically get away with vaping instead?
  8. lol it says people can't even smoke outside in Canada once the new legalization laws kick in, now might have to take boat into international waters to blaze that one joint in peace xD lmfao
  9. Yeah, I do believe it is happening in early August this year! I’ve done lots of research regarding Canada’s legalization because I’m just so excited for it. They’re already doing lots of planning for it, and not to mention training programs for employees who will be handling marijuana in the near future.
    We aren’t allowed to smoke publicly, but that goes the same with drinking as well - it’s illegal to drink in public so I don’t see why smoking weed in private is an issue. We’re taking bigger steps here and if I need to smoke in my backyard instead then I’m fine with it - as long as I can go to the dispensary and buy more weed right after. Lol.
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  10. People who rent will complain about stoners smoking in apartments and if we cannot smoke inside where then?

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