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What do You Want to do With Your Body When You Die?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tangerine Laugh, May 21, 2010.

  1. I want one of my family members to blend me up real nice and feed me to all of my enemies somehow.

  2. will you be de-boned first? This whole thing sounds messy, but I support it.
  3. I'd surely be deboned. Maybe mix me into into beef stew , or lamb so that can be the excuse on way it tastes off hahah.But actually mix beef or lamb in it so they taste that, haha.

    I'd also support someone cutting off my dick and slapping my enemies with that. Haha
  4. I would want to be cremated and scattered somewhere that was significant to me in life. I feel like I keep being called to Seattle. I plan on visiting soon.
  5. I want to be buried in a cardboard box somewhere in the middle of the woods. That way coyotes can come dig up my corpse and help speed up the decomposition process.
  6. I want to be cremated and have my ashes put inside of a dildo so that I can keep fucking my wife.

    And when she died the dildo would be passed down like some sick family secret. Hahaha.
  7. I wan't to be shot into space with, hi nice to meet you tattood across my chest so future aliens can lol at me.

    Seriously, i don't know. Worry about it a little closer to the time :)
  8. Don't care, I'll be too dead to care
  9. i dont really care, I guess 'spread my ashes in the gulf or somethin.
  10. idc. i'm dead. throw me to necrophiles, in a ditch. turn me to ash and piss in it. w/e
  11. I'd like to have my body placed in some way that the bones become fossilized. Then thousands of years in the future the scientific world will have the benefit of finding a perfectly preserved homo sapien.

  12. you holding a bong. that would be funny.
  13. I feel like the best thing would be for my body to be put in a space capsule freezer thing and thrown into space to just float around for eternity. Maybe some alien race in a billion years or trillion years or something will find my body floating around and revive me.

    That'd be cool as shit. Highly unlikely, I know, but it's better than being buried or cremated.

    More realistically though, id like to be cremated and then have the carbon left over from my body pressed into a diamond.

  14. When I die I want to turn into ash then put it in soil and have a friend grow marijuana in it so it can be a new strain.
  15. you know, that was one of the less gruesome pictures. i now feel obligated to show you some of the rest.

    the first one is a brain.




    so, yeah. i had your best interests at heart before.
  16. Certainly none of the gay shit like spread my ashes in the ocean. I'm gonna be executed by laser cannon after being fired into the air by a rocket.
  17. damn dude is that last body skinned??
  18. I Want To Be Buried.

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