what do you want to do before you die?

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  1. i have a list of 36 so far

    1. watch the sun set, and the sun rise without falling asleep
    2. spend a full day (ideal conditions) in a car and actually have fun (at least 6 hrs)
    3. go skydiving
    4. walk or skate across one town to another, stopping in at least three different towns (including the one we're in currently)
    5. crowd surf at a concert
    6. stay one full night without returning to some type of home (literally stay outside and off personal/others properties for a full night)
    7. live on the streets for at least 2 days.
    8. go to the forests of colorado and spend a night
    9. jump off a building/ bridge with a parachute (live lol)
    10. steal something worth at least 20 dollars
    11. ride a subway in NYC without actually knowing where you are going and get off randomly
    12. get on stage of some type of concert
    13. spend a night in jail
    14. get "lost" on top of a mountain
    15. scream the loudest you can with noone but us to hear it
    16. start a legit boxing match in public
    17. attend a dj tiesto concert
    18. brew a beer or make wine on our own
    19. record a song or album with a group of people, totally improv
    20. make a short film
    21. stay in a cabin or go camping with only friends for at least a weekend
    22. get loose with a good group of people while listening to a playlist agreed on before we do.
    23. have sex in the woods/beach at night
    24. finish this list with 100 things total
    25. plan a trip out of country with my 3 best friends
    26. break a car windshield (legally, i wouldn't want to be a dick)
    27. ask out a complete stranger
    28. make a significant difference in someones life who needs it
    29. sleep a full night at the beach
    30. let go of all past regrets and negative feelings
    31. save somebodies life
    32. hold a basement rave party with 40-50 people, glow sticks, and a dj
    33. go to new york to see the new years eve ball drop
    34. see the seven world wonders (or how ever many there are)
    35. punch somebody in the face as hard as possible
    36. pet a siberian tiger (or if the endangerment is so high, pet a regular tiger)

    dont worry about what #22 means

    anyway, what would want to do before you died?
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  2. I would like to make my peace with the world, and achieve enlightenment. I would like to have a conversation with my real parents, talking about life, her life, his life, my life. I would like to have lived alone, self-sufficiently. I would like to be one with nature, understanding each animal, plants, trees, the earth, the seasons, and the cycles of life.
  3. Leave an imprint in some way.

    Read a shit load of books.

    Thats all i can think of for now.
  4. .....
  5. Tell someone the story of my life, sparing no details.:rolleyes:
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    Adopt 10 midget babies and raise them to think im a giant or some form of god
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  7. Prove to people that there is more to this world than meets the eye
    Try to make a positive impact on the world
    See to it that weed is legalized
    Travel to Europe
    Have many happy, illuminating trips
    Attend a festival like Glastonbury or Rothbury
    Earn a living doing something I can enjoy
    Ditch society and live like the kid from Hatchet or Into the Wild
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    Leave Earth
    Experiment with various psychoactive substances
    Kill someone
  9. Hit of DMT + line of K + jump out of a plane
  10. i took an oath in college the day mj was federally free, i would smoke in front of the white house...id like to be able to do that...
  11. punch all the current presidents in the face as hard as i can
  12. Be the very best, like no one ever was
  13. i have a list of 65, but thats a lot to post so here are a few of them:

    Witness a solar eclipse
    See the northern lights
    Participate in a major festival in Europe (Octoberfest/Running of Bulls etc.)
    Go skinny dipping in every ocean
    Go to Ireland/Germany and meet my (very) distant relatives
  14. Beach sex is overrated. Go to the woods and show her ya goods.
  15. 1. Scuba dive with my pops
    2. Hunt big game out west
    3. Go heli-skiing
    4. Own a business
    5. Speak 4 languages
    6. Get a PhD
    7. Release an EP
    8. Play music at a festival
    9. Record a hit music video/single
    10. Visit as many countries as possible
    11. Spend as much time with friends
    12. Outdrink a Slovakian
    13. Club in every major club in the world
    14. Fly on a private jet
    15. Hike over 25,000 miles
    16. Run 15 marathons
    17. Complete 1 triathlon
    18. Obtain a detailed report of my ancestors for future generations
    19. Invent something handy
    20. Take beautiful photographs
    21. Tag some diesel shit.
    22. Own a sick manual 6-speed
    23. Become a master of muay-thai
    24. Win multiple competitive fights
    25. Stay out of jail
    26. Read countless novels
    27. Write a book
    28. Get shit housed on whiskey in ireland
    29. Never look back
  16. naaaaaah man :):):)....although females can complain about being stuffed with water...:smoke:
  17. i want to drift across this country, see what the fucks up. kinda
    rocking-chair with a blunt/mustache
    that girl
    smash a guitar/mustache
    eat cereal with water
    get high at disney land
  18. I want to live off the land and grow my own weed in the middle of nowhere for several years.
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    1. Rob a bank
    2. Kill a zombie
    3. Smoke DMT
    4. Skydive
    5. Hangglide
    6. Fire a gun
    7. Grow weed
    8. Own a glass bong
    9. Meet aliens face to face, to already confirm that they exist
  20. Start a revolution free us from all governments so we can live how were supposed to at one with nature.

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