What do you want done with your body after you die.

Discussion in 'General' started by BluDreams, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. A lot of people I know, say some shut like they want their ashes spread around the mountains. And that's cool I think, bit personally I would have myself either shot into space or something of the sort, in hopes that I will be brought back to life somewhere somehow. Yes I realize that could either be very good or very bad, But anyway what do you guys plan to do? Any good suggestions?
  2. in one of the preservative jelly jars just floatin around on display somewhere
  3. Turned into a piñata.
  4. I want everything that can be used given away. Whatever is left I want to either be burned or put into the ground without anything to "preserve" me. I want to rot into the earth naturally.
  5. wooden crate tossed 6feet deep
  6. My full body burried, or cremated. I don't want my body parts donated, or anything like that.
  7. I would strap small amounts of plastic explosives to my neck/head area. I would have made arrangements for a public speaking event with me as the speaker. Preferably this would be in a public setting outdoors. I would call the local news explaining I have a huge story. When the cameras are rolling I would start rambling about "Them" and how "they" are going to get me. "I don't have much time", I will proclaim. I will start speaking about having important secrets about the government, terrible secrets... and just when a reporter asks me a question I will detonate the explosives. People will see my head explode thus opening the biggest conspiracy theory ever.

    Who blew this man's head up? What where the secrets? :cool:
  8. my friend is gonna save my bones, cure them and make a chair with my skull as one of the armrests.

  9. LOL! and EWWWEEeuuuuuuuuuu

    That would be both fun as hell, and gross at the same time. Something to do after some heavy tokin' LOL!!!
  10. I really don't give a poop. Think about it, you're gone, that body is not you.

    I know people who are obsessed with their death, how they want the funeral to be, where to be buried...it's all such a waste of time.

    Throw a big party, use up all my stash (and it's BIG...or by then it will be!), and celebrate my life. Then go home, have great sex, and name your kid 'BagofHammers'....it has a nice ring, don't you think ?:confused:
  11. buried where i was born. yea.
  12. I want to be cremated but... I want a good friend to plant some bud in me like How High style haha. Picture it, one day your kids are gonna be smoking some "Good Afternoon" bud haha :cool: Smoke me up kids.
    Edit: Forgot to add that Id like to donate whatever body parts needed to save a life :D
    Double WIN!
  13. I want to donate it to science. :)
  14. yeah, might as well.
    or i'd like to be stuffed. i think that'd be cool.
  15. With my body I want someone to attach stings to me and make it look like I'm boxing mike Tyson. Ive always wanted to but I was afraid of the horrible pain. At least if i'm dead no one can say I didn't box Mike Tyson and I didn't have to feel the horrible pain! After that id like my body frozen beside Walt Disney so in the future they will be able to bring me back from the dead.
  16. Viking funeral.
  17. cryo freeze me and reanimate me when technology permits.
  18. I want all my friends to take my body on a boat out into the ocean, once there they will tie me to a rope and troll me behind the boat and watch sharks tear my shit apart. All the while they will be blasting the album Agent Orange by Sodom and partying.

    It will be like on shark week
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzJrOLEGmqs]YouTube - Shark Jump[/ame]

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