What do you usually smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by drumdude, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I'm sure this questions been asked before, but the economys really shitty right now and I was wondering if this would maybe affect these numbers. The poll is anonymous so be honest.

    I know for me I used to smoke mostly dank, but now due to lack of money I mostly smoke mids.
  2. ever since i lost my job ive smoked mainly mids, i pick up dank sometimes on the weekend when there is a party or get together
  3. I hate to say it but since i lost my job mostly Reggies, man I miss that Guud. :(
  4. Sorry, it posted the thread while I made the poll. Should work now.
  5. Ever since I moved back east I've been smoking mids. :mad:
  6. Not to brag, but 90% of the time I smoke dank. I wish I could find someone who sells mids because it's too expensive to roll blunts and joints with dank.
  7. Yea, that's what I like about mids. I just got a good connect and can get them for a good price so I smoke mostly blunts and joints...no complaints on that part. But the high from dank is still soo much better, not as tired as mids.
  8. i go for dank 90% of the time and mids 10% id say, but thats only when i cant get dank.

    im about to cop a Z of some mids tomorrow though
  9. It's dank or don't, simple as that. Never had to quit yet for lack of funds, only for lack of a lifestyle (was raising kids) that would allow me to partake regularly.
  10. I don't get how people can be like this. I mean sure the high from mids isn't as good...but it's still a high. It might make you tired or something, but you can smoke at night so it doesn't matter. I would much rather smoke dank, but I'm not going to turn down mids.
  11. It depends on where you live. I wouldn't have touched mids when I lived in Colorado, dank was easier to come by and normal prices ($40-50 an 1/8th)
  12. Well here in Oregon all we have is dank and its cheaper than what Ive read what most other states get for a dub. People on here have told me that a dub is $30 and an eighth is $60? thats nuts dude, were still on $20 and $40-$45
  13. Mostly dank and now that it's summer it's even more easier to come by, for me at least. 50/8th is the norm.
  14. Im not sure but I think I buys shit idk the difference.
  15. All dank, no mids.
  16. mostly mids

    the mids i been getting lately isnt too much worse then the shit id be payin 50 a 8th for and its only 30 a 1/4
  17. i will smoke chronic or i will smoke nothing. i will not put that disgusting chemical weed in my lungs. i only smoke organic. it's not worth it to put that disgusting shit in your body. i'm vegan, and i only eat organic vegetables. why would i want to smoke something that was grown by thugs with no love strictly for profit. using insecticides for "ornamental trees only" if everyone stopped buying mids there would be no mids and everyone could smoke dank for cheap prices always.

    stop smoking to get high, and start smoking for enjoyment. if you don't have enough money for dank, but you do for mids, save up until you have enough for dank. don't waste your fucking money and fuel the cartels.
  18. I do smoke for enjoyment. I enjoy being high. I also enjoy being able to smoke blunts, joints, bowls, bongs..whatever i want.

    It costs $60/eighth for dank here, I can get a half o of mids for that same price. My tolerance isn't bad so I can smoke a bowl of mids and be happy.

    And I'm not sure about all those chemicals that you're talking about...but I'm sure that there's a lot worse that could go into my body. Like a cigarette. I don't smoke them anymore, but I'm sure 2nd hand smoke is worse for you than smoking mids.

    I guess everyones different though.
  19. I'd say 50% of the time, dank, 50% mids. Depends on what's around

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