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What do you usually do while smoking alone?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Crusty Joe, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Sometime I have trouble finding things to do while high alone. What do you guys like to do?
  2. I usually make some music or just listen to some, watch a movie, talk with some friends and play games. Trying new things is awesome as well.

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  3. Everything. Same as when folks show up.
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  4. plan an adventure
  5. I will listen to music or bring up Hulu or Netflix for some dope cartoons or a good documentary and video games of course
  6. When I was single and lived alone, it was movies, video games, running, and house chores

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  7. I watch tv, play video games (only if I have an xbox live subscription tho), masturbate, do homework, everything that I normally do.

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  8. honestly whatever comes to mind

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  9. listen to music, tumblr, youtube, grasscity, bike rides, walks, go to the movie theater.
  10. Screen 1: phone. Screen 2: TV. Screen 3: Laptop.
    Make/Eat food.
    Play/Write/Listen Music
    Learn anything
  11. Well while im smoking I'm usually listening to music it just sounds so amazing while im high. Afterwards i just chill play some ps4, talk to people, read, watch tv.

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