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What do you usually do after your night blaze?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hash Baked, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Few things that are pretty routine for me:
    - surfing the web (playing little games, posting on random forums)
    - eating anything thats edible
    - listening to music (indie music lately)
    - go out into the quad and flirt with random chicks
    - buy some liquor from the little corner store and get more fucked up.
    - homework or studying (when I can't push it back any further)

    What do you guys like to do?
  2. Smoke more.
  3. Smoke more, then more after.
  4. usually music followed by whatever seems interesting at the time.
  5. Usually masturbate, eat, drink, watch Netflix, maybe play videogames if I'm not too ripped.

    Going to try masturbating before I smoke tonight though, see if it changes the high in any way.
  6. Fist myself.
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  7. pics or it never happened

    (no homo)
  8. I stare at a wall
  9. Watch HxCurt fist himself...then smoke more.
  10. Watch a movie something. Sleep as i burn out.
  11. watch movies, surf the web, play video games, go for a walk, or just think about shit.
  12. beat off furiously.
  13. Slap Madian for trying to make a move with my man! hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha
  14. Porn & masterbation <3
  15. Auto Erotic Asphyxiation. Puts me to bed Fast.
  16. count the "What do you do at night" threads.
  17. shave, shower, lotion, lay out clothes, set up coffee pot, cup of tea, sex, sleep.
  18. Dude, my dude. You need s girlfriend bad.

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