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  1. curious about Lucas formula or do you recommend another mix of nutes? Do you change nute strength when switching to flower? ive heard not to but i figured i'de ask.
    Thanks blades:D
  2. I use lucas formula. Great results, check out my grow journal if you're curious. link in sig.

    I personally use 1/4strength through the seedling/cutting/early veg phase, transition to 1/2str during agressive veg growth, and go full strength when I transition to flower and stay that way until flush.

    I get a bit of nute burn at the very beginning of the 1/4str, they could probably go 1/8 or use no nutes for a while but they have always recovered.
  3. i start with 5/10 as soon as I drop them in, along with some hygrozme and superthrive. I dont change that until flower and after a flush then onto 8/16 with some additives here and there.

    keep in mind, everystrain is going to react a little bit differently.
  4. No matter what brand of nutes you use go with what the Mfg recommends. I use the GH three part product and have been successful in the grow.
    I believe that these people have been in the business for long time and have a track record. Switching around with different formulas will get you in trouble. So far so good and should a grow go south on this stuff then its time to try something else but for my money the GH stuff is good. There might be better out there but I don't mess with success.
  5. forgot to add this link
  6. ^ you don't get nute burn putting 5/10 on new plants?

    I got a ton of nuteburn with 4/8 on seedlings

  7. nope, no burn so far. but im also not starting from seedlings, but from clones who were fed RO water, superthrive & hygrozme. I wait until the roots look like this:


    here's what they look like 5 days after dropping into the DWC

    sorry for the ginormous pic...

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