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What do you use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mixrollsmoke, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Personally, i prefer a spliff with 95/5 weed to tobacco mix - just gives the best taste - i think :smoke:
  2. I generally use my cute lil bowl =). Ill occasionally roll a join or pack my chillum though.
  3. Blunt all the way.
  4. How come? :smoke:
  5. Now i mostly use my MFLB, but i like to bust out my bong bubbles every now and then.
  6. I know what you mean. I do the same thing :)

  7. I want an mflb! Do they ship internationally? :smoke:

  8. Pretty sure they do, I live in aus and I got it off, got in about 2 and a half weeks.

  9. It's what I started smoking with. There's nothing wrong with glass or papers, I just prefer the high I get from blunts. Plus, 50 dollar O's of some reggie makes a whole lot of them haha. If I bought dank, I'd use a bong, though.
  10. I usually use a bong or a bubbler, sometimes a bowl, and rarely a blunt or joint.
  11. You don't have pipes or bubblers on that list, but yeah I use those.
  12. Blunt
  13. This is missing from the poll; Bubbler
  14. Bongs and Blunts all day..
    Sometimes I'll hit the Sherlock though.
  15. Dammit! There's like infinite ways to smoke weed - how should i be able to remember them all? :smoke:

    Why cant u edit the poll? :-(

  16. I use an apple or a shoe... jk I normally smoke blunts but since I got my bong like 2 months ago I can't put it down
  17. I got a bong. I got two bowls. I roll blunts and joints and I love to make edibles when I can.
  18. I have the Illdapelph hot hit concentrate slide & a pretty simple bong with some custom work I found at a local dispensary for a good deal and use them to vape budders and oils and such. I have a normal bowl too of course, a whip vape, a spoon pipe, etc. But only the bong and hot hit slide get use atm, haven't been using bud lately.
  19. lately i've been loving joints, but usually i'll use a bong, or my little 1 hitter bong.
  20. Difference between spliff and joint?

    Spliff usualy 60/40 in favor of weed for when ive got stuff to do
    Spliff 90/10 in favor of weed for getting blazed
    Bong whenever im at my friends house

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