what do you use?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by praying mantis, May 22, 2005.

  1. Hi, I'm an absolute beginner and have a really lame question:
    what parts of the plant do you harvest for weed?
    do you only dry the leaves, or also the rest of the plant?

    do you have to wait for a specific moment and cut down the whole plant, or can you harvest a little over time?

    Yes I'm noob :D
  2. the bud dude, the bud....

  3. haha ok heres my advice, if your dont know what to cut down when it comes harvest time you need to do alot of research, i remember when i didnt know anything but i read up on growing and now although ive never grown and lack experience, i bet i could, and soon will, grow just as good if not better than more experienced growers...but to answer your questions its all depenedent if you grow indoors or outdoors, indoors you can adjust the climate and all setting to make the plant do what you want it to do, flower early, mature longer or shorter, but outdoors its all dependent on mother nature

    but its the buds that the female plants produce that you harvest, you curethem and let then dry...i recommend a book called the marijuana growers bible or somehting like that i got it from torrentspy.com
  4. Bud and if u know what your doing leaves are also important (hash is made from leaves)
  5. After you flower the plant it will develop buds with smaller leaves and crystals. This is the best part to smoke. You can smoke some of the other leaves, however there is a lower amount of thc. Most people will harvest the entire plant when it is heavy is crystally buds. :)

    lots of good info here in the grow forums look around mucho knowledge. Welcome to the city :eek:
  6. thnx for all the very quick replies :)

    Can't you just dry out the leaves with the low amount of THC and use these with the weed instead instead of tabaco?
    ( I know another noob question...)
  7. Some people will smoke on the leaves and say it gives a differnent stone, some say its gives em headaches. Most people save the leaves and other plant material and make hash or honey oil. :)
  8. Yes you can and I recommend it. My buddy is gowing some romulan right now and we smoked a fat joint with leaves only yesterday. We used mature leaves and I got blitzed from it. I didn't get a headache like alot of people do.

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