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  1. Hi guys im starting my first plants ever! i got some blueberry's from a respectable seed bank and i was wondering if there is an industry standard as far as fert goes i know i potassium nitrogen and phosphorus are important here but im not sure what amounts i need. someone said something like 17-17-17 for grow and some thing like 8-15-8 for flowering is this correct ? i was wondering what other people use to get the best results. I was also wondering if fox farms is the best grow medium i could use and if i need to add anything like perlite to it

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  2. For veg I always use my ORGANIC MG Water Soluble 24-8-16 (no time-release shit) and my plant seemed to love it. Always stayed dark green and never any nute problems. Just remember to take it easy on dosages at first.
  3. I use organic ferts now and love them! never had such healthy looking plants in all my years of growing. BioBizz Veg and BioBizz Bloom with ProMix HP soil with a touch of worm castings.
  4. First off thanks so much for replying. So can i use the above mentioned fert through growing and flowering or should i change to something different when i change the light to 12/12 something with a high middle number iv heard people say?
  5. Veg ferts for the veg cycle (18/6) & switch to flowering ferts for the flowering cycle (12/12).
  6. cali what do those two numbers stand for nitrogen and potasium?

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