What Do You Use?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by NaiveTerror, Jul 16, 2014.

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    i sticc wit the ziggies ya digg! post what u use!

  2. I use the same op. Or any clear papers.

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  3. how do those burn? ive been wanting to try the wiz khalifa or the juicy j papers. cant really find the wiz ones tho. 
  4. zaglers for the win.
  5. Yeah they are good enough, burn evenly and slowly enough if rolled correctly, not really tried much else other than rizlas though.
  6. never heard of them
  7. yea man i usually double wrap mine. if i use one, the cherry always seems to run and split the paper or it goes out constantly. double rollin seems to let it catch a cherry and slowly burn down
  8. Ohh never really had a problem like that tbh, sometimes they do go out but that could be me and sometimes it depends on the weed and what kind of grind it is too.
  9. It's slang for zig zags.
  10. oh haha
  11. I back roll with raw
  12. uploadfromtaptalk1405535256571.jpg
    Depending on quantity and quality !
  13. Raw papers, they taste good and always stick and they are not too thin so its gonna burn nice and slow
  14. how do those hemps smoke?
  15. Zigzag ultra thins are so much better than the orange pack. I use elements occasionally.

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  16. Rp.JPG No doubt. Best papers for your money(If you can roll single wide).
  17. Hell yeah. I've just noticed the zigs seem to burn slower. So I usually stick to them

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  18. I have recently got hooked on the raw papers. Really love those and the zig zag ultra thins. Both burn awesome and clean... A little tough to roll with at first but once I got the hang of it, love these over regular papers

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  19. Backroll my white pack zig zag brand papers. But I rarely smoke J's anymore... glass pipe, bong, & rig for me lately

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