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  1. To put your weed on after you grind it? Me, I put mine on a piece of paper, because I haven't gotten around to buying something that works better. So I the thought of what could I use... I figured. I'd ask what others use.
  2. A $2 clear glass kitchen bowl from the reject shop.... It's perfect for cutting up too
  3. A kitchen bowl? Excuse my language but HOLY FUCK MAN! WHAT ARE YOU BUYING BY THE Quarter Pound? So, how to you keep it fresh? Do you just cover the top of the bowl? or do you grind only what your gonna smoke?
  4. A magazine, it's way better than a piece of paper.
  5. I'd bet. Actually... I have a few of those around. I hate paper because it gets caught and i loose weed that way.
  6. I only grind what I need, so I keep my bud in the middle section of my grinder. Everything else stays in the stash jar until I need it. I do however, use an old record to place my bong and grinder on because I like to sesh on the floor lol. :D

  7. I cut up about 3 grams at a time and store in a tightvac.... I have multiple tightvacs for different things....

    Untouched (weed pure straight from the dealer)
    Pure cut (chopped up )
    Cut mixed with tobacco

    And yea I normally buy in quarts... It's cheaper to be oraginised then all over the place with your shit....

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