What do you use?

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  1. Thought i would help the forums out:wave:

    wanted to here what you guess prefer to smoke with?
    roll,bong,bowl,dug out you get the point!
    i got my bad ass tiki dug out when I'm out and a flash g spot bong when I'm at home! ill post pics later!:smoke:
  2. Homemade tinfoil bong.
  3. Grav bong is my favorite, though it's raaaaaare that I use one. I wanna try vaping more though, because my one experience with it was phenomenal, but it was also the 2nd time I had smoked.

    On a regular basis, a pipe is perfect for me :smoke:
  4. yeah i always wanted to vap but i honestly know no one with one that i toke with... lame i know and i just never got around to getting one
    gravvv bongg!! me and my boys use to always do that in high school lol good ole times
  5. im more of a bong person
  6. my bowl, his name is freddie, hes a finger and i wub him :D
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    ze boooooong

    way smoother and more delicious than any faithful spoon or papers ever were
  8. Glass handheld's so much variety. Got the 2 sherlock's / hammer bubbler's. Steamroller, medium sized glass bowl. Really any glass piece I prefer too any other form
  9. i prefer my bong, but i usually use my pipe. i have a spoon pipe and a steamroller from grav lab.
  10. Vaporizer. I really like my Extreme Q. Vape twice, bake once! Or, Reduce, reuse, recycle! :)
  11. Only joints till now ... :D
  12. Bong or 1 hitter. Best of both worlds :)
  13. Since I don't have a bong(live in parents apt) I use my gravlabs hammer bubbler which is pretty sick but I can't smoke outside with it cause people would think its a crack pipe lool...

    So when I'm being stealthy I use a bowl, walk around the neighborhood all casually and smoke a bowl at random spots.
  14. For the most part i use a cheap taster but i'll usually switch between that, a one hitter, this pipe i have with a small bowl or my grav labs stemless. Taster helps me make my shit last for a long time though. I've yet to post pics of my pieces so i'll have to get on that.
  15. Blunts blunts blunts and um blunts, but when I don't feel like blunts bowls, they call me the most interesting man in the world, dos Equis drink responsibly

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