What do you use to store your keif?

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  1. So i just got my first grinder and i want to store my keif somehwere besides in there just so i can periodically clean it so if it gets turned upside down and theres a pile in there that it doesnt fall back on the screen. Does anyone have any good keif shash jar/box thing
  2. best bet would be to get a pollen press. so you can make nice compact tablets of it, then just put it wherever you want. maybe its own smaller vaccum sealed container
  3. I just keep my shit in a capsule and get all thee left over weed with thee new ugh some good stuff
  4. Just keep it in the keif catcher in the grinder and let it build up, why would you want to clean it out? I've had my kief building up in my grinder for a long time and it still works fine. Kief takes a looong time to build up even when your using the dankest dank. If you really want to take it out then put it in a glass jar, just be careful because kief is like dust :smoke:
  5. I've left my keif in my grinder, saving for the last year or so. I've never cleaned my grinder, just scrape the screen once in a while.
  6. I realize that the grinder works fine, but i dont want to keif fallking back trhrough the screen and shit when the grinder gets flipped upside down, i scraped it into a pile is why im asking.
  7. Then press it, using a pollen press or coins. Just put it in a container of your liking to keep it..
  8. I grind my bud and then i unscrew the bottom kief chamber and then knock out the bud plus it loosens the shit in the screen
  9. I store my kief on my bud. ;)
  10. Pack the kief into caps
  11. I usually just let mine chill in my grinder, and use it when I feel like it.
    But if I've got lots of kief I'll put it in a little glass makeup container for storage.
  12. in the base of my 4-pc grinder, or in a nice fresh pill bottle that has a good seal still. i like the pill bottle best as it's small and easy to carry with my MFLB. i prefer kief over anything in my MFLB

  13. That's a very volatile storage medium. The OP probably wants something that can store kief without burning it.
  14. My grinder..
  15. Medium sized glass containers so I can tell which strain the kief came from.
  16. Kief kind of sucks, I try not to save it, just smoke it on the flowers. But any air seal container in a cool dark place works perfect.
  17. :eek: Maybe you're smoking saw dust but kief topped bowls will kick my ass all day long.

    on topic: I use those vacuum seal small containers

  18. Kief never separated from the buds in the first place kicks my ass all day long.

  19. Not me, it burns hot and too fast. Just like ground up weed. If I want some kick I will throw on some bubble or ear wax if im smoking weed. Usually just dab :D.

    Yes the small vac seal containers are great.
  20. What ive recently come to realize is that is you don't clean your grinder and you keep scraping the screen the crystals start to form a hashy substance in the mesh of the screen preventing the kief from properly falling into the chamber. I soak my grinder in 70% iso alcohol for 10 mins every month or so and I collect kief much faster. Once theres enough in the kief chamber to where it's clumping up and knocking around I carefully dump it in an empty well cleaned nail polish vial. Trying to fill it up to press into one big tab of hash :D

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