What do you use to pack down blunts?

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  1. I've seen all kinds of things used to push down bud in a blunt so you can pack a little more in at the end, fin keys, headphone plugs, pens, etc. Just curious what you guys have found is best...
  2. Personally I always use a cigarette, works pretty good and your post game smoke break

    will have a slight marijuana taste to it (Word of advice: dont push to hard other wise

    your cigarette will be ruined.) Also wooden tooth picks work great......
  3. i use one of these

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  4. hell dude i just use a pencil
  5. You can find these at most tobacco smoke stores, and maybe some headshops (i get mine from a tobacco/cigar shop)

    They're fucking awesome. The spoon is great for pickup up fine ground buds (I think the spoon is made for snuff), and the bowl tamp is always useful, and the poker works great for adjusting bud in an L if you need to. It's just the right size to push bud if you want, or you can wiggle it through the bud, and it's thin enough to go into any blunt.
  6. U always know you got a good blunt when u can use a fnger or ur thumb:smoking:
  7. Anything that will fit :confused: who cares really? 98% of the time its a pen or the inside of one but chances are anything within reach on my desk that will fit has packed at least one j/blunt
  8. just a pen or something...was there really a need for a thread about this
  9. Was just seeing if there were any creative, better things to use. I like that pipe tool a lot.

    I guess they can't all be gems.
  10. I bought an actually poker for this purpose, its a little steel rod with a glass bulb on the end it works wonders. and it works real good on cleaning pipes and what not
  11. The removable flint on a clipper lighter. They're the ultimate stoner tool :smoking:
  12. anything thats around that will work...but I usually have my roach clip on me and that works really well.
  13. if you know how to roll your blunt doesnt need to be packed down
  14. I dont need to pack down my blunts?
  15. usually an unfolded paper clip, i need to get one of those spoon/poker contraptions
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  17. i just use the end of a pen if im packing a joint or blunt
  18. ditto, these are great and easy to obtain.
  19. anything i can find around the house or my car..... usually a pencil, pen, or keys.... or the blunt wrap straw if i bought a wrap instead of a rillo
  20. pens/keys, whatever is in the car.

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