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What do you use to light your bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stealf, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. What do you use to light your bowl?
  2. I try to use beeline as much as possible but usually just a normal Bic lighter.
  3. Bic lighter
  4. Got have bics on deck. I dontfuck with those cheap clear bastards unless i have to.
  5. If match was on here then maybe that. Mostly always bic, if I'm indoors I might hit the pipe or rip the bubb with a match.
  6. Matches are indeed awesome for tasty bowls
    But 99% of the time, a Bic lighter
  7. I have a fucking massive butane torch hahaha.
  8. I'm a zippo guy myself. In the UK bic lighters are hard to come by, and the only other good brand of lighters (clipper) are tricky to find sometimes, the nearest place for me is 15 miles away, so I just stick with my zippo.
  9. hemp wick if it's readily available. otherwise I default to a bic
  10. everyone probably lights the hempwick with a bic anyways xD
  11. magnifying glass on sunny days :bongin:
  12. i heard your not supposed to smoke bongs with a zippo because of inhaling the butane. i dont know if its true or not though
  13. [quote name='"stoneheir"']I try to use beeline as much as possible but usually just a normal Bic lighter.[/quote]

    Word man definitely

  14. zippos don't use butane. some sort of liquid fuel, tastes like shit when you light bowls with them.
  15. I use a Bic, or any type of lighter, really.
  16. same here
  17. I usually switch off between Bic lighter and Hemp wick depends on what mood I'm in and if I just want to get high easily or take the time to do it right
  18. I bought ital hemp wick it's okay but I like my bics

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