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What do YOU use to clean your bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by WheelchairKUSH, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Nobody likes when resin starts building up in their bong. Or when it starts building up on percolaters inside a chamber. I'm just curious on how other fellow stoners clean their tools, and how much they spend on cleaner. I use a all purpose concentrated cleaner called 'LA's totally awesome" and it's only about 3$ at the local dollar general store. I rinse the bong out with water, fill it up with the cleaner, and let it sit for a few hours. With stems/ashcatchers, I put the cleaner in a glad container (along with the tools) and let them sit for a while. Once finished rinse out with hot water. I shake mine around a ton to make sure I get every little bit. :p. I love seeing my bongs all sparkly and brand new and this stuff works like a charm. How do you clean your bong? What do you use?
  2. bread it absorbs resin best and then i eat it
  3. Alcohol and salt.

    That's all you need.
  4. Bread? For cereal?

    I use alcohol and water.
  5. Alcohol and water.
  6. Sterilium... A few seconds of contact with this and it melts everything off. Rinse with warm water afterwards and it is clean within 2 minutes!

  7. Isopropyl and salt will work best in any glass bong. Not to mention acrylic, as long as you have a lower % ISO (70%). As higher amounts have a tendency to cause small cracks.

    The rubbing alcohol works as a solute I believe and the salt as an abrasive. Will work better than any brand name cleaner. Ect. 454, Purple Power
  8. Dishwasher tablets broken up roughly work well with warm water if you can't get a hold of alcohol.
  9. I use undiluted concentrated simple green; you can buy it by the gallon at home improvement stores for $10. I have a tupperware full for soaking slides and dries, and I'll just drop some inside a tube and rise thoroughly with warm water. If it's got a lot of buildup on it a longer soak my be needed though.
  10. OxyClean and denture tablets.

    Soak piece in hot tap water first then put crushed tablets into dirty areas and fill with hot water and some OxyClean. I only use hot water from the tap, but I have seen this done with boiling water many times and it works faster, but I think boiling water on delicate percs might eventually crack them someday.

    If you can get a brush into the bong just the soap and a quick brushing does the trick.
  12. i use simple green that way i aint gotta mess with it and shake it around risk breaking it.with simple green all you have to do is pour it in your piece let it soak then rinse like new.
  13. A little iso then flush with hot water, immediately after every session. If there are any stubborn tars left a bit of coarse salt with the iso takes care of that.
  14. guys these are sum great suggestions
    i've always been afan of epson and iso
    but my two main dank dudes are convinced
    that warm water is all you need
    however after so much resination
    warm water just doesn't do it
    so for my two cents
    wash your (new) bong after every use with simply warm water

  15. Simple Green FTW!

    Easiest/cheapest way I've found to keep my glass clean - will never use ISO/salt again.

  16. /thread

    Cleaning after each session means you'll never have to think too hard about to to clean the bong, because it'll never be too dirty. Plus, I love the hit of a bong that's crystal clear and fresh as the springtime air.
    Oh that tasty natural flavor of the sweetest of mother nature's plants. It brings a tear of joy to my eye.
  17. SIMPLE GREEN!!! as the name implies its soooo SIMPLE pour it in let it soak 2-24hrs depending on how bad rinse out with luke water wen your think its all out fill it with water and take a sip of the water if u taste nothing but water its DONE!!!
    OH and you can RE-USE it if its not 2 grungy
    /THREAD ajajaja
  18. Shaking isn't required. That's something that I do. I don't thoroughly clean it like this too often. Every 5 weeks maybe. I am actually going to clean one of my bongs tomorrow, so I'll post before and after pics. Does anybody have problems with calcium build up? Or dry water stains. So far the only thing I've found that'll take the calcium out is C.L.R.

  19. ME biggest fuckin problem for me water around here is super hard and always had that issue but the simple green took that shit right out havent had stains since the switch and i did try clr by the wat
  20. I use simply green too stuff works wonders but it does smell funny lol i need to go buy another gallon the one i'm using now is a little too dirty :eek:

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