What do you use to block the hole in your slide

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  1. Hey GrassCity, I was talking to my friend and he was talking shit about me using my metal screens. He says the the smoke that comes off of it is harmful. He says that the brass screens are better, is that true?

    I've also tryed to use glass screens like the jax and star but they get to dirty after like 3 bowls, and i smoke like 10 bowls a day so i can't have that. I've also picked up these round glass filters at my lhs. They start out white but after a bowl or two it just looks like a little resin block. It works nice but also clogs up to fast.

    I can't stand seeing little green bits in my bong water so thats why i have to bloac the hole on my slides. What do you use if any?
  2. I use seamines. Whenever I go to empty out the bowl I stick my finger over the bowl and shake it. It gets everything loose out nicely. After a few days it might get a bit rezy so just stick it into some isopropyl to clean it up right away
  3. whats a seamines
  4. a seamine is like a chunky glass screen

    Just pack the bowl nice and tight with bud.. if you get lil green floaties dump em out...

    glass screens are a pain and metal screens cause death.. its just the way it is
  5. It's shaped like those oldschool seamines, the ball with the spikes kinda. I've been using them for 2 weeks and love them, they don't let big chunks through, don't kill you, and don't affect taste/drag
  6. Glass screens are good in my opinion. But most of the time I just use a piece of the nug that still has that tiny bit of stem on it to block the hole in a push-style slide and then pack the green on top like normal.
  7. Metal is alright to smoke with. DO NOT smoke with brass. It puts out bad chemicals that you shouldnt breathe. Will give you lock jaw or cancer.
  8. ^Uh, what? That's not how you get lockjaw. At all.

    I like glass screens. I let it get resiny enough so that it just stays in the bowl. It takes a few weeks before it gets to clogged, then I go in with a bent up safety pin and just poke around until it opens back up. I haven't had to take my glass screen out in months and months.
  9. My bowl has a built in glass screen, cuz luke wilson made it.
  10. If you smoke good weed there's really nothing you can do to prevent resin build up, it just comes with the territory man. I personally use a glass screen and I probably clean it at least once a day, no big deal really, it's not hard to do and it doesn't take long so I don't really mind. I always keep in mind that keeping my bong/pieces clean makes the hits smoother and taste better, definitely worth it in my opinion..
  11. Id go with a glassjack man, its gonna get dirty, but just clean it when you clean your piece. My slider that I usually use actually came out of a fake roor, but it hits good, never gets clogged, never pulls through, and doesn't need any kind of screen.
  12. A pebble or I snap a bit of stem off and place it horizontally across :smoke:
  13. Get an ice-pinch, multi-hole, slotted, or other new-wave slide
  14. This! Fuck push bowls but a stem works fine as a screen.
  15. Use the glass screens, but just clean them after a few uses. To clen them, put a bit of rubbing alcohol in a shot glass and swish them around in the alcohol. Take em out, wipe em off with a paper towel also with some alcohol on it and you're good.
  16. ^I wouldn't recommend doing that. I've had the little pedals on those flower screens break so easily. They're really delicate. I recommend a soak in simple green or an iso wash in a small plastic baggie.

  17. I wouldent use simple green. Iso is fine and will evaporate. Simple green will not
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    dont listen to this guy, simple green is better .... simple green is non toxic and washs away very easily. Simple green is better and non toxic, unlike iso. Either way your gonna wash it with water so it wouldnt really matter.

    bwilson disc screen slides. Cuts down the ash u get in the tube. Push slides suck alot of waste into the bong.
  19. Glass screens work for me

    They do get dirty, but it's just one of the things you need to live with.

    The only problem (i don't know if the screen is the source of the problem or not) is that when it gets dirty and you take a too big of a hit, it burns the resin and makes your hit taste like shit.

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