What do you use most often when tokin up?

Discussion in 'General' started by MidnightToker06, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. Bongs,pipes,blunts,ect..?

    I use my metal pipe that has a clear green chamber.
    or my lil bong.
  2. My little metal pipe that I've had for the last couple of years. Sometimes my Vaporizer, if I'm in the mood. But it's a bitch vaporizing with it on my lap, out in the garage, so I usually just go outside with my little pipe.

    BTW, my vaporizer is not odorless. I stunk up the whole house one night trying to use it in my room. Not good when one of the people living in the house doesn't know I smoke.
  3. my metal piece or my 8 in (lol) steamroller...
  4. I use my purple acrylic foot long bong.

    She never fails me........ :)
  5. Pipe for handiness, bong for stoniness, vaporizer for cleanliness, joint/blunt for the shear enjoyment of getting stoned.

  6. when im by myself and just wanna get ripped i pull out the telemagikal squealflute fillibuster jenkins, or jimi..both are bongs...when im just chillin by myself i smoke a joint or use ol drippy(metal pipe)..but soon!!..very soon! when i wanna get uber fucked up with blnkboi we are gonna break out the four footer!!! and BAM MAH FUCKA BAM!! ALL UP IN YO ASS WITH THA WEED SMOKE!!
  7. i love big bongs
  8. four feet of smoke..inserting itself into your lungs in about a second just might prove greatal.
  9. I been smoking a little glass spoon for about 4 months, just last night i smoked my first joint in 4 months, nothing like that easy hand to lip conveienance, burns quick and uses more herb but no constant fiddling with lighters and the like.
  10. 26 inch dual waterbong, and i have to have a cigg. afterwards too
  11. I use my trusty glass spoon that I've had forever. Nothing beats glass IMHO.
  12. yeah, i've also seen some glass pipes that are really expensive, upwards to $1000. Thats way to much to spend on a pipe. But i did see this PHX 3 chamber bubbler, its totally intense, even though it costs like 350 dollars, i dont even know if i would want to spend that money for something like that...
  13. those phx 3 are so tight. My buddy has one and it produces some amazing milky hits. But I agree, the price is a little steep.
  14. it's gotta be my 6" porcelin bong.....mmmm....you get a really good hit from it....Peace out...Sid

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