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what do you use as a stash box?and whats in it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Streetwise, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Hello grasscity i was just wondering what you use as a stash box.i use a a converse chuck taylor shoe box.inside i have a small air tight jar(with dank bud) a small tin can with my scissors filters and lighters.there is also a long wood box with a joint roller my piece and other random things. tell me about your stuff.
  2. An Oakly hard case. My grinder medicine jar one hitter and bic lighter fit in there perfect.
  3. how big is the box?
  4. [quote name='"streetwise"']how big is the box?[/quote]


  5. nice. anyone else?
  6. I use my beats by dre headphones hard case. Right now I have a green crack strain(10 oz), a few joint wraps, two blunt wraps, and a zippo lighter. Stay high :smoke:
  7. I needed to buy these cookie cutters for culinary school and I use the tin they came in. No one suspects it.
  8. i use an old lemon head tin can thats where i keep my lighters and rolling papers
  9. [quote name='"Streetwise"']
    i use an old lemon head tin can thats where i keep my lighters and rolling papers[/quote]

    Same here brah, fit perfectly :smoke:
  10. I use an old cinch top daypack from hiking that I bought a few years ago. There's mesh pockets inside the main pocket for separating out tinctures and other things, and a water bladder pocket.

    Things kind of just mingle in there, and I can usually find what I'm looking for without having to look inside. My own Bag of Holding, as it were.
  11. I figured out that the inside of an electric guitar is not even suspected. Just unscrew and screw back on the lid. Currently there's nothing in it(waiting for bud) but I'm just putting weed in it. I have other random spots for my homemade bubbled and whatnot
  12. I use the pencils boxes works perfect
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  14. This is in it ;)
    Blue Cheese

  15. i used to keep my pipe and weed in an air freshener can, the bottom screws off and its made for hiding stuff, then i kept it inside a little cheap combo safe under my bed, now i got a big safe that holds about 2 oz. a small bong, a pipe and some other stuff perfectly
  16. In the tin box the mflb comes in I have: my mflb, a battery, my small grinder, eye drops, the glass mouth piece thing.

    Then I have this velvet case thing that you put a computer mouse in and that has a pill bottle with bud, pre ground up, a pill bottle with kief, battery charger, other battery
  17. [​IMG]

    I use that, a SentrySafe P005C, 15$ at walmart, I keep my lighters, kief jar, nug jar, nug case, pipe, mini scissors, kief scooper, business cards (joint crutches), hash containter, n other shit i dont wana keep typing., which reminds me- i need more papers.
    plus with a safe, if i get pulled over or anything, i found out they need a [separate] warrant to search it :D
  18. I use an old Tupperware container. It holds papers, blunts, lighter, eye drops, a GB socket/cap(emergencies) and of course Mary Jane :smoking:
  19. I use the chucks box too. Got my snail shaped mason jar, steel grinder, plastic grinder, raw king size papers, 6 juicy jay rolling papers(blueberry,black magic, strawberry, bubblegum,peaches and cream,and mango) a bunch of swishers(strawberry,blueberry,green apple, grape) 3 dutchmastrs(2 strawberry 1 grape. 2oz(1oz of mangoxguava, 1oz of sour d) ,clear eyes maximum redness relief. And other shizz

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