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What do you use as a Roach?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mighnash13, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Alright so i heard people rolling spliffs, i tried buy using cardboard paper.. didnt work so well, and then i heard people on here saying the use the cardboard from the pack. Do they mean the lid(flap) of the package of the papers?
  2. when ever u get a chance to grab a business card grab a couple and use that, just rip off how much u need
  3. i get my roach paper from my work....
    b4 i was just using business cards
  4. oh alright. just the plain ol' carboard ones right?
    how big should i cut them?
  5. index cards for me
  6. I just buy Roach booklets perfect width, length and consistency of card and there cheap :)

  7. thats clean! i wish they sold that over here

    mines free and works perfect lol
  8. where do you get roach papers? and what does the booklet look like?

  9. i just cut mine on how much i wanna smoke

    so if i wanna smoke a lot i dont make a big roach

    really it all depends on how u like it
  10. oooh okay thanks for the help :))
  11. isnt a roach, the remains of a joint....
  12. You can buy Roach booklets from General Stores, Market Stalls, Headshops and there basically a little booklet filled with pieces of card in the same size and width etc and you just pull one out and roll it up... Simples, they also cost about 70p not sure what that is in dollars and you get 50. :)

  13. It's the little piece of cardboard you put at the end of a joint to be able to get all of the weed out of the joint without burning your fingers off, somewhat similar to a filter on a cigarette.

    But in essence, yeah; it's the remains of a joint. If you're smoking the roach then you might as well just grab a piece of printer paper and burn it after you're done with your joint.

  14. well then your version of a roach is different then ours. A roach here is the end of a joint that can be smoked the way it is because it'll burn your fingers, so you use a roach clip, or smoke in a bowl
  15. here r some pix i took for u





  16. Can you elaborate on this? Do you put weed in the roach? That was just my interpretation of a roach because I always saw people referring to the little piece of cardboard as a roach. What the point in smoking that if it's just a piece of cardboard?
  17. its not a piece of cardboard. Okay so you have your joint right? no filter in it. When you get down to the end of a joint, theres still some left, but you cant smoke it because you'd burn your fingers. Thats the roach. Your options are: smoke the roach in a bong/bowl/etc.. or you can save enough roaches and make a roach joint, tastes like ass but gets you blazed as fuck.
    if that still makes no sense, i'll draw you a picture on ms paint

  18. Oh I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Although I had my assumptions, I never got a definitive answer from someone. :D

    Although, it seems to me like everyone else in this thread is confused too then. As far as I can tell everyone is telling the OP that the roach is the filter. Or maybe I'm just a wee bit too tired and my ability to read is falling apart. :p

  19. no problem. Thats what it seems like, but then again everyone has their own termonology for things
  20. Thanks for the pics bro. it really helped. i just rolled myself one.

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