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Discussion in 'General' started by sysdownfall, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. So I was talking to someone in class the other day and we started talking about drugs. He has never done them and knows I smoke pot but not that I do any other drugs. He said he heard from someone that they were on mushrooms and they thought their penis was a loaf of bread and they were about to cut it off with a knife when they realised what they were doing and ran out the door screaming.

    Now, Ive done shrooms and I just cant imagine that happening. What do you think? Would this ever happen or was someone making up a story?

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  2. hahahaha thats really funny, ive never done shrooms but that made me laugh haha
  3. Ive never done shrooms, but from what I know, theres many different levels of the high and crazy hallucinations are not uncommon.
  4. Ive eaten 6-7 grams before and Ive never actually seen anything like that. Ive seen things be WAY distorted, but never like that.
  5. yeah dude, i've actually heard a story like that.... honestly....

    usually i don't lend much creedence to stories like that, you should just let him know, things like that are atypical.... sounds like he's been scared away from drugs
  6. Haha that reminds me of when my friend Eric did shrooms. He came out of the bathroom and said "Dude there's something in my stomach...I'm gonna cut it out" then he grabbed a pocket knife and started rubbing it up and down his stomach.

    Fortunately he didn't jab the damn thing into his chest. The blade was dull as shit though, I doubt he would've been able to penetrate his skin.

    So yes, I do believe someone could trip hard enough to unintentionally hurt themselves physically i.e. dismemberment.:D

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