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    What was this bitch doing at a new years party at 11 years old?
  2. ok this is about the dumbest artical in the world.. and that poll is going to be biast lol
  3. at this point, its not worth being for it or against it being legal. too many people pulling all different directions. basically too many people want too many different things from it.
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    where the fuck is an 11 year old gonna get that kinda money?!
    and drinking a glass of water 20 times a day would give you the same thing, its called a HABIT
  5. Because every teenager has to go to prom or play sports, or else they're some fucked up loser. It's unthinkable that a person can like doing drugs, do them all the time, and not be addicted.
  6. You can get addicted to anything.
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    Hahah well thats a load of shit, 20 joints a day PLEASE
  8. I love how they say it reacts with certain parts of the brain like the hippocampus. I hate to inform them but music causes "abnormal" activity in the in the hippocampus and the amygdala (which controls emotion)... So my question is, is music a drug? If so, I can't get off that shit maybe I need rehab along with the rest of society.
  9. This^^ exactly. Some kids don't play sports. They're not interested. Some kids don't like to be involved in any extracurricular activities. My oldest is in high school, and she says there's not one school activity that interests her, not one. She doesn't play sports. She doesn't involve herself in school arts because she says they're all talentless dregs. She does like to write, but if you're not a senior working on the year book, you don't exist in Journalism class. So she doesn't bother with them either. So I get calls and letters from her teachers and guidance counselors asking if I think my daughter is okay. I tell them it's none of their business and to fuck off. So they don't like me either. Add to that, that I won't sign, nor will I make my daughter sign, that stupid drug testing honor system crap thing, I can feel the hate through the phone...hahaha!

    Why do schools, and most people in general, think that kids MUST be involved with a dozen after school activities to be normal? Why can't kids do what they want to do without being made to feel inferior, without being told that there must be something wrong with them? Why do they all have to fit some special, boring mold to be productive in school?

    As a mother, I would feel much safer knowing my kid was in her room with her friends, smoking a joint and writing poetry, rather than making an ass of herself at some keg party at some quarterback's house where everyone is competing to see who can die from alcohol poisoning first. But that's just me.
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    Omg please adopt me lol.
  11. need i say anything

    A compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, esp. artificially
  12. Okay, so the word she was looking for was phytochemicals. I wouldn't really expect her to make the distinction.
  13. .... this article is from may 1991, aka 20 years old....

  14. sorry. had to


  15. I tried several times to come up with a long and clever response to this, but it really can't be described better and more thorough than this: because the majority of people are boring idiots who fits this mold and they can't possibly imagine how it would be psychologically possible for someone to be different. They're arrogant idiots who consider themselves as being the answer book of how people are supposed to think and act. And what's worse is that they mold themselves after values which the vast majority of people seem to agree upon (eg. society norms). They're probably afraid of being kicked out of society.
  16. Yeah and an 11 year old drinking alcohol has like a 50% chance to become an alcoholic. yawn @ propaganda.
  17. 'Soon after the New Year's Eve party, Rhianne began getting high three times a day. Some days she'd smoke as many as 20 joints'

    20 J's a day at age 11+ ?

    Jeeeez she must of been a burnout at 13.
  18. Yeah, the guy who does 8 joints a day, if they're half gram joints, that's an ounce every seven days. So even if it's only mids that's like 450-600 dollars a month, plus no one notices he's high all the time? And the girl smoking 2.5 times that? This is either fake or they just picked out the two most extreme cases of people being idiots that have ever existed.

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