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  1. I currently am running 7 23 watt 3500k CFL lights & one big 42 watt 2700k CFL....do you think it's enough for these seedlings? Will it be enough to continue using these lights during flowering also?

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  2. How many plants are you planning on keeping through flower?

  3. These where only bag seeds....so its depending on how many are females.....I only want to grow females....
  4. Around 6500k is preferable for vegging. Those you got are preferable for flowering. Look for the "Daylight" ones not the softwhite ones.
  5. Those 3500k bulbs aren't very good for MJ plants. Generally, for vegging you should get daylight bulbs (over 6000k color) and for flowering get bulbs that are in the 2700 color range.

    If you really want to grow MJ, you will need a lot more light and you should really get HID.

  6. You can grow with CFL's but this guys right HID are really better suited. I am going to being growing soon with cfl's my self.

    get 6500k for veg

    and 2700k for flower.

    100 degrees is definitely way to hot it should really never be much more than 85. To grow you will need some sort of a/c. I don't know your situation but it might just be easier to grow in your house buddy.
  7. Hey there :wave:

    Ok finally had a chance to check out your pics and I have to agree with the above posters that you need better lighting.. Those 3500k are not the right spectrum.. If you switched all of those to 6500k daylight you would be set to go..:hello:

    The best spectrum for cfl grows is a mix of both worlds at a 3-1 ratio.. In vegg more daylight than soft and in flower more soft than daylight.. Also rule of thumb for cfls is 100 for the first and 50 for every after.. Actual not equivalent..

    I also see you have more than one in a pot which isn't a good idea.. They each need their own separate pot because if not the roots will tangle and eventually one will strangle out the rest..

    Aqua globes are also bad because mj like periods of wet followed by a brief drying out.. Constant water inhibits root growth and causes your girls to stay smaller..

    Do you have an oscillating fan in there? If not it is definitely a good thing to get because it will actually strengthen the stems of all the girls.. Just don't point a fan straight at them because that will actually weaken them..

    If you decide to stick with cfls for flowering then keep in mind that they will take 2-3 weeks longer than hid lighting to finish up.. Your yield will also suffer, but what you get will be very potent if you treat them right.. :wave:

  8. Really OP, IMO, you should REALLY invest in plant specific lighting. The common home CFLs will work, but by no means will you get the kind of growth, most growers hope for...

    Give it a shot, see if you get the results you want, if not... I suggest purchase at least 1 x 130W (or higher wattage), 6500Kelvin grow light from your local hydro shop or ebay :)

    Good luck.
  9. I purchased 4 x 26w 6500K CFL...& 2 x 26 5000K & moved up 2 an actual box that's 3 feet tall a 1.5" x 1.8" ....i mounted 2 exhaust fans to the top....do I need an intake fan or just an opening? I also have an oscillating fan that I can let run on the bottom....
  10. also, i'd take out the bubble water feeder, that's gonna keep your plant soaked and you'll end up getting root rot

  11. Just leave the intake passive man it will help with your negative pressure which is important when the plants start to flower and smell becomes an issue. Just let the oscillating fan blow on the plants to strengthen stems.

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