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    They are 6-7 weeks into vegging and the front right two are definitely female. The scrawny looking one in the back left is also female... i think. I'm pretty sure the other two are male.

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  2. There are no pictures.
  3. looks good just check the ph and the nutes couse it looks like it getting deprived of nutes could be the ph
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    Nice plants man!!:smoking:

    How do u know the front two r defo female. Im on my first grow 8 weeks in ma plant is just under 3ft and am about to switch to flowering stage.Have u switched yet or is there another way of telling before u go into flowering mode.Any help advice on this matter would be cool .

    Cheers bud:wave:
  5. would say that it was too early to tell in any of the pics dude.
    All looks gud for this stage
    Have you topped all of them by any chance??:smoking:
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    I can tell because the 2 males definently have "balls". About 2 weeks ago i had to kill 2 other plants because both of them had big balls - one of which opened and let out pollen. I dont think any females were fertilized because none of them were showing sex and I cleaned the pollen up pretty well. The other plant i killed just had balls forming.

    Definently one if female because she is showing pre-flowering signs of a female...that is hairs instead of balls. I think the other 2 are female because they havent shown balls yet.

    And yes... i have topped all of them except one which i FIMed. The one in the front middle i topped and then FIMed both tops :)
  7. Cool:smoking:

    So is it safe to say the longer ur plants go withoout showing signs of being male (balls/pollon sacks) e.t.c. the more likely it is to be female or do males tend to show more often when u swaitch to 12/12

  8. It is true that the only way you can tell for sure is about 2 weeks after switching to 12/12, but its also true that you can make a pretty good guess before hand but it depends on the plant...some just show sex sooner. Males usually show sex sooner too. Little hairs instead of balls is the bets sign of a female.

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