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  1. Even though it is 6'x6'x6', my instincts tell me heat would still be an issue. Just make sure you have some good ventilation in case.
  2. would a 600 be alright in here? External ballest with Scrog
  3. hell, you could put a 1000w in there if you deal with the heat.

    is the light you're planning on getting one of those inline cooling deals?

    basically, the answer is yes.. you'll be fine with 600w

    IF if if if if, you put decent effort into the ventilation. If you have a decent in/outake system, then you should be fine.
  4. Just debating whether to go with a four foot by four foot tent with a 400 or the six by six foot tent with a 600? Yes I would go with one of those cooled lights with scrubber and vortex six inch. Seems as though a SCROG would be difficult do to in there since the back of the screen would be six feet back difficult to tuck in the back.

    What do you recommend?

    Everyone agree that a 600 would be enough in that size of tent?
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  6. Take a look at my journal (link under signature), I use a tent for flowering with a 600w HPS, fresh air in, exhaust out through carbon filter, fans and a C02 setup! I would go 1000w with that setup as it looks a bigger tent than mine. With my setup temps and humidity are fine.

    Good luck

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