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  1. Do you think I could fill this net up with these 2 plants and how much do you think I can max out on my yeilds for the 2. Also how long do you think it will take to fill in of possible.
    Platinum Kush Breath Remix
    4x4 mars Hydro tent
    Mars Hydro controler fan
    80°F 50%RH CO2 1000PPM
    Organic dry amendments.

  2. You should have no problem filling out that net.

    Yield is tough to estimate due to different strain types and grower experience....strains like girl scout cookies may be long interbranch and have tight small nugs compared to a short indica that pushes out fat colas
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  3. Oh ya she's going to fill out quick.
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  4. For sure! Star working those colas thru netting spread em out
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