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  1. I'm kinda just playing around with this plant and in a sense lollipopping, but don't really know what to do as far as all that little new growth that grows on the stem, do I take that too or let those grow into branches?Also, what is the outcome of my plant in flowering, the way I have it? Like how are the buds gonna produce on it? Asking for opinions and advice.. I know ive taken a lot of leaves off but they were sick and useless.. I'm just gonna leave it alone from now on, no styling just pruning when needed.

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  2. Don't look like your going to get anything off that

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  3. I think just leave it the way it is, like you said. It's just a wait-n-see game. You may do alright yet!

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  4. Leave her be for a while. You need to get some vegetation on those stems! It's hard to tell but it looks to me like you removed too many nodes. If thats the case, they won't grow back. Make sure you give her some nutes if you arent already and plenty of light. Let her grow out for a couple weeks... cannabis is very hardy, i think she will be fine.

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  5. Have you seen lollipop techniquing on YouTube? It's still growing and the stem has been getting thicker which is good.. I'm just trying new different things, these are my first plants so I'm trying different nutes,techniques and what not on each one.
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  6. Y
    Yes that's exactly what I was concluding leave her be and let her do her thing the rest of it's course. I use 2ml sensi grow part A and 2ml sensi grow part B in a 2mL container; water-water-nutes. Bit this humidity has thrown off my entire schedule so I'm trying to get back on track.. I fed nutes last watering, saw slight nute burn, tried flushing but soil has been damp, let be for 3 days until this morning and plain watered about 2.5L.. Will use nutes next watering. So I pulled the fan leaves, but if you look closely you can see the small leaves/branches starting to grow; and wouldn't those be the future bud sites that grow off the stem in between fan leaves?
  7. I just read online that you can grab the stem with your fingers and slide your finger down removing side shoots.. so there's my answer.. It's all about focusing the growth and energy to the tops of those 4 branches
  8. I'm hoping!

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    How many of the fan leaves?


    Edit: btw, I think you might be better off doing a Journal or trying to keep your questions in one thread instead of starting a new thread for each question.

    But how about a picture of this plant? You didn't pull all of the leaves off did you?
    Nvm - just saw your original pictures. I wouldn't be removing that many leaves if I were you. Your plant needs those leaves.


  11. I saw it on youtube it must be true.
    If God wanted plants to have leaves why did he create man?
  12. I know man.. had I never pulled anything off it, it's be bushy as hell.. so I'm going to lollipop method.. not pulling anymore. I know man I messed up
  13. Eh, it takes time and we learn from our mistakes.

    Fwiw, more folks use the "lollipop" method on their indoor plants because most grow lights just won't penetrate that deep on larger, bushier plants - and to make sure there's good air flow below the canopy.

    These two points are basically moot on outdoor plants in the full sun. In my opinion you're losing out on good herb by lollipopping smaller outdoor plants like you've got going.

    Put those scissors away.

  14. Thanks for your input bro, it's a dope add strain and it looked dope as he'll til I fucked it off.. but honestly all those leaves i.took off were done.. but damn I should've left it
  15. Don't beat yourself up over it. Like the other guy said, live n learn.. best of luck to ya.. just hope for the best

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  16. Exactly.. I got a seedling going and just popped 2 bubbas into germination.. funny thing, I'm having more success with the seeds I got from bags then the bubba seeds I bought online.. I got 7 and I'm down to 3 left and the 2 germinating, haven't had any luck so far and it's kissing me off.. I kinda like popping bag seeds because you just get to see what it's gonna be at random, versus already knowing what to expect.. I'm gonna post pics from today for you.
  17. See should I just let all those little leaves grow into side chutes or should I slide my finger down the stem and just take those little ones off so it can focus on the main sites I have goin? I don't want stupid little airy buds growing off the stem when I could have that energy and what not go to the bigger tops.. what do you think? Leave those little leaves on the main 2 stems or take them off?

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  18. This morning

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