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  1. Seems to me as my first grow and the thousands of hours I have spent reading that this looks like a nutrient deficiency to me but yet the PPM's have not gone down in the last 24 hours at all my PPM's right now are running at 535 on the nutrient deficient looking ones. Just switched to flower and I understand from what I gather it's a little low but I have had nutrient burn with these plans early on clearly it seems they're asking for more but I just don't understand if that's the case if my PPM's yesterday was 535 shouldn't it be lower today? Because I checked it right now and the one I'm really worried about as far as nutrient deficient shows the same PPM count.
    I also understand that nutrient deficient doesn't necessarily mean that I didn't put enough nutrients and something else could be making it not want to take up the nutrients, so I checked the pH and its fine.
    I checked the temperature it's fine.
    It's a new water change from a few days ago.

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  2. We're gonna need a photo man
  3. Lol sorry. I know enough to be very dangerous I'm sure, but the reason why I didn't post a picture is because I know the game. It would probably take at least 10 questions answered to be able to zero in on some things issues people are having like what lights are you using what size tent how often do you do you calabrate your ph meter? Ect. Ect. ,
    I just didn't think this was one of them and I know pictures are hard to zero in on sometimes because of the lighting. This was earlier and I went ahead and bumped up to about 800 ppm's I think it's obvious to me its not enough nutes.
    It's funny though, because in the beginning I read so much about how to stay under 800 ppm's seems lately I find a lot of people saying different (just like all the other stuff lol).
    Clearly this strain, (northern lights & jack horror just not sure which is which because I lost track and it's been crazy) require more than five or 600 ppm's. But ty. I look up to you guys and that's no joke man. For 20 years, I have been very very disabled (got diagnosed at 17 years of age now 43) and I have always wanted to grow and now I'm growing and learning for the first time and I'm doing OK considering but you have no idea what I'm up against considering I have a girlfriend in a six-year relationship all over my ass about growing and it's smelling. I have done everything I can I never smoke in the house, I have a carbon filter it's not about the cannabis we had issues before this it's about control I just never thought anybody would give somebody is disabled as me a hard time I have ankylosing spondylitis and I haven't been able to turn my neck so trust me when I say if anybody has deserved to grow in the last 20 or 30 years it's me.
    I love this damn plant and after quitting for 5 years, and going back to her, my girlfriend of 6 years has a problem with it so you have no idea when I come across guys that can grow how lucky you are.


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  4. What makes you think they are nutrient deficient?
  5. I just re-read. So you have just switched to flower? So your concern is the lightened colour of the growing tips? This is completely normal in my grows. For years I tried to figure out what the cause was, I tried many different nutrients and nothing worked. I put it down to the sudden change in the length of darkness. It will clear up in a couple of weeks by itself I guarantee it.

    Sometimes I have to have my lights off for 24 hours for various reasons whilst vegging and I get this every time, as well as switching to flowering . I haven't noticed any problems from it
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  6. Hmm ya i get you and ty. Weird thing is a few were lookn like this right before I HAD to flip em, so to me it looks like zinc lockout based pics i have seen online. Yellowing stripes. Understand this isnt my plants below, just a pic off the net that looks like one or two of my girls.


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  7. Is that yellowing from the flash or is that a true likeness of the colour?
  8. Seems somewhat close. I added some calmag so far things might be a little bit better but I still think I'm under on the PPM nutrients and should probably go higher looks to be a little bit of yellow wing on the new growth to me.


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